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Master Dacien Victae
Steel Cross
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Colonel Liandry Lhucci Cataa
Primary reason

It can be easy for a member to relax once they reach the Elder ranks, to sit back and not really care about what goes on at clan level. Some people would see this as acceptable, luckily for me, Dacien Victae di Plagia isn’t one of those. Dacien exploded with participation in consecutive events, the first being GJW XII and the second our recently completed Vacation on Dagobah event. In the former, Dacien completed 13 events while taking fourth place overall in the Brotherhood with his 732 total points earned. In the latter, Dacien completed 15 entries and placed top 3 in five of those competitions.

All said, since his last recognition, Dacien has participated in 32 competitions, earned 2 Gold and 1 Silver Nova, 1 Crescent with Ruby Star, 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star and 1 Crescent with Emerald Star. Not content to stop there, he has earned 45 Clusters of Ice from 5 Fiction Activities and 21,896 words and produced 2 Run On posts with a total of 1,733 words. Dacien has also earned his fair share of gaming awards, earning 40 Clusters of Fire from 10 PvP Activities, 64 Clusters of Earth from 8 PvE Activities and 8 Pendants of Blood. There’s more yet as he received a Seal of Loyalty and 13 Seals of Wrath. He has also gained 2 SA degrees from as many courses. It is an honour to be recommending Dacien Victae di Plagia for this award. Keep up the good work!

Colonel Liandry Lhucci Cataa, 2018-02-07 12:00:33 UTC