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Adept Braecen Kaeth
Amethyst Kukri
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Master Marick Tyris
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Since his last merit awards for services as Magistrate to the Voice, Braecen Kaeth has served dutifully for the last 4 months, approving 46 character sheets. While all magistrates had a temporary break during GJWXII, Braecen was still always mindful and on top of the queue, and went above and beyond by reaching out to members that needed extra help on their Aspects. He jumped into Google Docs, Telegram PMs, and spent unmarked hours working with members to craft their characters. In his remands, he was responsible for creating a Customer Service-like friendly tone and voice that I believe has reduced the stress of Character Sheet remands. His patience and maturity in processing these remands ties into how he worked with the rest of the staff (myself included) on making sure our wording was consistent and constructive, and never aggressive. For the Brotherhood’s CS system, this has yielded positive results that I do not believe should be overlooked. I’m grateful for everything that Braecen has done for the Character Sheet approval/remand process, and for how he engaged with members to create a better overall experience. The result of his work has lead to less complaints about Character Sheet remands, and better member responses to suggested edits and changes to their sheets.

Braecen Kaeth is a special kind of leader in the Brotherhood. He not only puts in the time and work to help encourage and enable others, but leads the charge by example as a competitor and participating member of our organization. This was on display fully in his efforts in Great Jedi War XII, where he lead his Clan with the highest points scored to earn the title of Hero. This included efforts across the spectrum of brotherhood activity, including an impressive second place finish in the ACC Tournament. This helped him earn the honor of Avatar of Strife, thanks in part to his similarly stalwart performance in the ACC during Phase I of GJWXII. Bracen was one of those rare individuals who stuck around and made sure he finished what he started. To that end, he earned 3 Silver and 1 Gold nova.

I will allow his Clan Summit to talk more about his accomplishments as a leader in Scholae Palatinae, but as a member of the Dark Council, I can’t thank Braecen enough for being the model of what I believe leaders and members should strive for.

Congratulations, brother. I will miss having you at my side as an admin and look forward to your return to the brotherhood in whatever capacity you set your mind to.


Voice of the Brotherhood

Master Marick Tyris, 2018-02-12 01:00:50 UTC
Additional reasons

Braecen has been essential to everything we do around Scholae Palatinae since he transferred back in a year ago, and especially since being made Proconsul in August 2017. Brae brought much needed organisation to how we work as a summit, improving communication by the creation of countless gdocs for competition organisation, wiki planning, promotion tracking, and medal tracking. These documents included a competition roadmap, an excel file of every competition the clan intends to run every month (updated monthly), an activity audit keeping track of what every member should be aiming to achieve their next merit, and how far off they are, a set of spreadsheets for wiki organisation projects that included the status of every page we have / should have on our wiki (289 pages). In addition, Brae supported younger leaders in the clan by producing templates for fiction, graphics, gaming and container competitions, and heavily proof-read every EQ promotion / merit award that went through the clan to the point of entire rewrites when necessary.

Brae is a phenomenal member and it’s been a pleasure working with him to lead CSP. A massive congratulations from me and thanks for all the support you’ve given me in my first time as a consul.

Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

Augur Elincia Rei, 2018-02-12 00:57:48 UTC

It is a pleasure to add my support to this recommendation to recognize Braecen Kaeth for the dedicated service he has been providing to Scholae Palatinae and the club at large. For us in the CSP summits, Braecen is the beating heart of our team. Every success we’ve had, lesson we’ve picked up along the way, and moment we needed advice; Braecen has been there as a guiding hand to help us forward through these times. This past year has been a long, hard-fought journey for CSP; but Braecen’s been the guardian angel over all of our shoulders and I’m proud to assist in recognizing him for all his efforts towards our cause.

Since his last recognition for work as a Clan Leader, Braecen has organized 25 competitions, co-hosted 5 others, participated in a total of 148 competitions, completed 11 PvP matches, 4 PvE activities, finished 9 ACC battles, completed 8 fiction activities, written 12,296 words of fiction, passed 2 courses, and has earned the following: 1 Cr-R, 5 Cr-A, 5 Cr-S, 10 Cr-E, 8 Cr-T, 5 Cr-Q, 41 CFs, 59 CIs, 35 CEs, 84 CG, 1 Scroll of Indoctrination, 2 LSS, 24 Seals of Wrath. In addition, he’s served as Quaestor for 3 months and Proconsul for 6 months.

In addition to what is mentioned above, the three major events that CSP has experienced since the end of the GJW (Twelve Days of Sithmas, Battleteam Development Month, and the current “Battleteam Cup” contest) have all been the brainchildren of Braecen. This has involved several months of planning in advance that saw the creation of his Competition Roadmap excel sheet, allowing for the unit leaders and their members to properly plan out the schedule of future events and even get early input and edits from Braecen so hosts could more easily pass their events through the MAA office without issue. As well, during this time saw the creation of a planning group on Telegram with ongoing discussions that were mediated by Braecen. Announcements were created for each event, walking participants through new concepts in the competitions or in general just hyping each of the events, totaling a combined word count of 11,467 words including the final announcements detailing winners of the events. Through Braecen’s leadership, encouragement, and more importantly his help in editing; 14 different competitions were hosted for Sithmas, with 17 individuals participating which saw a total of 107 submissions within a three week period that Braecen then went through doublechecking the scores and compiling a final “Sithmas- Hard Data” document for the summit team. In January, for his Battleteam Development Month, Braecen provided each Battleteam with a list of 5-8 competitions to run through the month to gather Battleteam input and set the foundation of each Battleteam’s identity and wiki pages. Finally, for this month’s events, Braecen has been leading the charge again in planning discussions, spending late nights ensuring that each unit’s issues with the event were addressed in the planning document (word count included above).

These events aside, Braecen’s most important contribution to our clan has been as a leader and mentor. Last summer, CSP went through a large shuffle in our leadership teams which saw four new members of the summit team and four others moving into other roles. To get us all on track and situated for the coming GJW, Braecen did a crash-course in leadership for the entire summit team which was released over a course of 8 different email threads. These topics included; Gearing for the GJW, Competitions Overview, Competition Roadmap, Auditing Activity, Awarding Members, Writing Quality Recommendations (two part), and Post GJW Plans. Each of these email threads went into great detail, outlining expectations and answering concerns while also providing insight, tips and tricks for each of our roles. Complete with images, these threads were so detailed that I’ve totaled the word count for all Braecen’s emails on these threads to 18,703 words - not including labels and such in the images he provided. Yet, none of us were just abandoned with these threads as our only source of instruction. Braecen regularly checks in with leadership teams, seeing not just how we are doing but to see what problems we have or support is needed. He’s there to help us work out our competitions, our recommendations for others (how I could have used him for this), and strategizing with us towards our goals. Weekly, every Sunday or Monday night, he will go over the promotion assessment tool of every single member of CSP and make sure its reflected in our clan’s activity audit spreadsheet (which he created) and make sure us Quaestors are checking it out as well so we can make timely recognitions of medals or promotions. In terms of my own growth and development, Braecen has been a great mentor in handling the culture shift I’ve experienced from Tarentum and Taldryan to here in CSP where diplomacy is so important in our role. Several weeks ago, when I had a disagreement with a subordinate - it was Braecen who walked us through a mediation program that walked the issue back from concerning the CoJ to dealing with it in house and providing a resolution that was welcomed by all parties. He did this through days over back and forth communication on email, that lead to a mediated telegram conversation, and an established agreement between all parties that survives to this day. And I think it’s important to note, he did most of this just off of shift every morning - before heading to bed for the day. Yet, this guidance he provided through this time of crisis is not unique to myself - as many in the clan have similar stories of help in their time of need or counselling they’ve received to better themselves in the DB community.

So for all this mentioned above, and for what I am just not able to best articulate; I’m glad to add my support to this recommendation.

Raiju Kang Quaestor of House Imperium The Imperator

Warden Baelor Pwyll, 2018-02-12 00:57:04 UTC