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Corsair Scudi Ferria
Steel Cross
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Corsair Laren Uscot
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When one thinks of a member that exemplifies leading by example, a likely candidate that always comes up in Clan Plagueis is Kelly Mendes. Whether with sky high gaming numbers or maximum participation during events, Kelly always makes sure her presence is known and her name is on the board. Below, I wish to breakdown her overall participation in order to prove her worthiness for a Steel Cross.

Since the last recognition, Kelly Mendes has participated in 39 competitions. Of these, 18 competitions were submitted to the recent Clan Plagueis event, "Vacation on Dagobah", submitting to one hundred percent of possible competitions and netting 48 points during the event. Kelly has earned 1 Crescent with Diamond Star, and 4 Crescents with Amethyst Star for valid placements. Beyond her placement awards, Kelly is also well known in the gaming community for her efforts, and the cluster count shows. She has earned 1 Pendant of Blood, and a staggering 405 Clusters of Fire for 47 PvP matches, and 10 Clusters of Earth for 24 PvE matches since her last recognition.

On the leadership side, the Plagueis Summit attempts to instill in members a proactive, "lead by example approach", as mentioned above. For the last two months, she has consecutively served as Quaestor of House Ajunta Pall, as well as Magistrate to the Headmaster. In the former role, her communication with House members is consistent and engaging. Her influence is clear, and Ajunta Pall provided over half of all valid entries during the Vacation on Dagobah event. As a Magistrate, she was proactive in seeking work, quick in completion of drafts, and always open to further improvement, communication, and implementation. Of note, Kelly single-handedly managed nearly a years worth of Shadow Academy troubleshooting entries on the Shadow Academy troubleshooting form, resolving all problems within a staggering two day period.

Kelly, it is a privilege to recommend you for this Steel Cross. Keep up the amazing work, keep on dominating the gaming sphere, and congratulations!

Corsair Laren Uscot, 2018-02-20 17:07:58 UTC