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Reaver Satsi Tameike Arconae
Emerald Dagger
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Grand Master Declan Roark
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The membership of the Dark Brotherhood consists of many talented and creative people. Within these numbers are a select few who distinguish themselves as future leaders of our club. In 2015, Abbey was one such member. It was apparent, to anyone with a brain, that Abbey was a superstar and destined to lead a Clan and more. I asked her to be Consul of Arcona because I knew she would succeed and I knew she would build upon Arcona's years of success. I was not mistaken.

Abbey has had a unique and potentially singular impact on our club. She is well respected (even loved) by many of our members, she is a creative force across a multitude of our activities, and she is a steady hand in times of crisis. I am fortunate to have had her as a Consul and our club is fortunate to have her as a member/leader in any capacity.

Abbey, I look forward to seeing you improve our club for years to come. Congratulations on a fantastic three years in charge of Arcona and Congratulations on your new Emerald Dagger.

GM Pravus

Atty is a unique member and leader in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Her infectious charisma has allowed her to form connections and inspire loyalty in anyone she interacts with. Even those that don't agree with her or particularly like her seem to still get caught in her web. I mention this not for her work as Consul, but as Praetor to the Voice.

Character Sheet remands have been a point of contention for members both new and returning members. Atty's personality has really shone in how she has patiently and warmly worked with members on their remanded sheets. She engages with them on the side, in a pm, or a follow up email or google doc. She doesn't just remand someone and then shrug her shoulders- she helps them work towards getting it approved. Since her last merit in October of 2017, Atty has approved a staff-leading 77 out of 244 non-auto approved character sheets (~35%) for the Brotherhood. This does not account for all the time she has spent working with members on making sure they are able to get their sheets up to spec with the most recent guidelines, all while doing it with a smile. This has generated better feedback from members about the entire Character Sheet creation process, and I'm extremely grateful for the work she has put in. She is active in Voice chat when I need to review a policy and even if she disagrees with me on something, she will always follow through and do what is required of her as Praetor. On top of that, she has been instrumental in proof-reading all of my reports, announcements, and fiction updates (sans the ones during GJWXII). When I was writing the finale, however, she stepped up in a big way to help me deliver a massive 14-page fiction update that I wouldn't have been able to finish without her to bounce ideas off of, check my thought process, and quite honestly to believe in me that I could get it done.

That's not something that is tangible. I can't quantify it with metrics or statistics. But it's the kind of thing that makes Atty special. She genuinely cares and wants to help.

As a Dark Councilor, it's been an honor working with her as the emissary to the Dark Council for Arcona. While we've argued on at least 75 different fronts- But when all is said and all is done:Atty has her beliefs, and sticks to them while understanding the importance of comprise and resolution to progress forward.

As a member, I think that the DJB is a better place with her as a part of it, I'm grateful to have her sticking around on Voice staff, and I look forward to all she will continue to do with whatever she sets her mind to next.


Voice of the Brotherhood

Three years, three years of corralling one of the most active, insane group of people you're likely to come across. You did it with the utmost patience and, usually, grace. You encouraged, you lead by example, and you kept the kids informed. You slapped me down when I got out of line and taught me (tried, boy did you try) tact. My time in leadership thus far has been reliant on your guiding hand and assistance. I can't say enough about the things we've gone through the past three years, keeping Arcona from devolving into a madhouse of egos and chaos. You're god damn brilliant, and you deserve both this award and a break. Congrats, Blinky.

Kordath Bleu Arcona, Consul

That's mine, Terran has expressed interest in saying some words (I had fallen asleep by this point last night, else I'd have something tangible here) and the Arconae put something together if you want to use it.

I never thought I'd celebrate such a drastic change in Arcona so much, but truly, Abbey has left her mark on the Clan and changed it for the better. She has an effortless grace in inspiring her membership, encouraging them, nurturing them and turning them into a formidably close collection of kin that warms the dead little-shriveled thing I used to call a heart. I also crunched some numbers. 1088 days continuously as Consul. I did half that in two separate terms and found it hard to deal with the day-to-day SNAFUs the DB routinely throws your way. That she managed over a thousand days without having a conniption is a feat of endurance that makes taking the cloth and becoming a nun very small beer indeed. She will truly be missed as Consul, and on behalf of the clan, the Arconae and myself, I'd love her to be thanked in a manner befitting the finest Consul this Clan has ever seen. Well done Abbey, now get some rest. You've more than earned it.

Jon (Sashar Arconae)

Grand Master Declan Roark, 2018-02-22 23:19:18 UTC