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Adept Montresor
Ruby Scepter
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Grand Master Declan Roark
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The Praetor to the Grand Master is a difficult job. No one knows what you do, your boss takes credit for everything, and most people assume you are a yes man. Monty suffers those perceptions while quietly going about his business as a calming influence in our club (watch him work a channel) and by delivering invaluable support to countless DJb level projects.

Specicially since his last activity was awarded: he has 9 months of RHOJ to include a completed JST continuity book, 1 year of P:GM, 750 reports reviewed and a subsequent 100+ crescents awarded, 2 POBs, 2 seals of loyalty, 2 Seals of Wrath, 10 clusters of fire, 3 comps participated, vendetta fiction entry review, and a countless deliberations on Djb actions ranging from the closing of a Clan to proving input on DC level awards.

Monty thanks for your hard work. Congrats(?) on remaining as Mav’s Praetor!

Grand Master Declan Roark, 2018-02-23 11:37:47 UTC