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Battlelord Jorm (The Jester) Na'trej
Old Rank
Battlemaster (Equite 2)
New Rank
Battlelord (Equite 3)
Requested by
Seer Alara Deathbane
Primary reason

Jorm Na’trej has been absolutely stupendous in his latest role as Battle Team Leader for Vindictae Immortalis. Thus far since his last promotion, he has completed 135 competitions. He has also completely designed the new Battle Team’s wiki, found here, has released 4 reports, and has held 6 competitions for his members. He also created and continues to daily maintain the Vindictae Immortalis group chat on Telegram. Vindictae Immortalis, under Jorm's leadership, has grown to be indubitably strong. During a recent competition between all the Battle Teams of Scholae Palatinae, VI came out on top with the Battle Team Cup for most participation and submissions with over all scores.

Because of all these fantastic achievements, and because of his continual presence in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and on Telegram, I’m recommending him for Equite 3. Congratulations, Jormypoo! Very thankful for your service and proud of your progress thus far.

Alara Deathbane

Quaestor of Excidium

Seer Alara Deathbane, 2018-06-01 16:54:06 UTC
Additional reasons

It is a great pleasure to be able to add my support to this recommendation to recognize Jorm Na’trej with a promotion to Equite 3. By far, Jorm is an indispensable member for Scholae Palatinae, having touched it on many different tiers, and we are lucky to have him in a positioned role as well. Over the past year, Jorm has performed amazing work as a leader, advisor, community jester, project coordinator, and content generator for our Clan - especially for Excidium and Vindictae Immortalis. Beyond that, he's been an amazing member from the perspective of personal activity and it is my strong belief Jorm deserves to be elevated to the rank of Battlelord.

As explanation of my belief, I see Jorm’s activity as one of three separate categories; personal activity, community projects, & leadership activity. When it comes to personal activity,Jorm has participated in 119 competitions, earning 53 crescents, as well as a Silver Nova for his efforts. In addition, Jorm has gathered a collection of medals in all areas of the club, having earned 42 clusters of fire, 39 of ice, 11 of earth and 20 of graphite, plus 6 pendants of blood and has written over 13,000 words of fiction. He’s also earned 2 Steel Crosses, an Anteian cross and 2 Dark Crosses for various clan / house projects, including wiki review, military design, raw activity and world building projects at house level. However, in addition to the statistics, I’d like to further draw attention to some notable achievements Jorm has made. Not only has he competed in 119 competitions since his last promotion, he has also had 25 1st-place finishes, 23 2nd-place finishes, and 8 3rd-place finishes from these entries. This isn’t surprising as Jorm often throws his all into a submission to make sure it is of great and competitive quality. Often I find myself having to encourage junior leaders to not forget about their own personal activity once they come positioned - yet, I’ve never once had to concern myself if Jorm was being active and setting a good example - as he has always been at the front of Scholae Palatinae’s activity for as long as I can remember. Truly, CSP is blessed by his presence on this front.

In addition to the personal activity, as the second category I mentioned above, Jorm has been instrumental to the Clan’s development as a community. As Eli has noted in his recommendation, Jorm has often been the first to step up to help out with any clan projects especially if they have anything to do with the military, Excidium, or our lore. Whether it has been actively involved in navigating the military purchase discussion, running competitions to canonize aspects of our new world and seeing these uploaded to the wiki, or being a sounding board for the clan’s discussions; Jorm has always been one of the first involved and this is something I definitely appreciate. He’s become an advisor to me, whether he knows it or not, as his reasoning is sound and he isn’t afraid to share his opinion. This has been most beneficial for our discussion on leadership strategies, whether it be on the improvements for the Battleteams, his House (Excidium), or the clan as a whole; he hasn’t shied away from duty.

Finally, in terms of positioned leadership, for over nine months Jorm founded and has been serving as the Battleteam leader of Vindictae Immortalis. From this position, Jorm has contributed and developed the war machine that is Excidium and kept it’s momentum going. As his main resource, regular communication, Jorm has kept his unit informed through regular monthly reports, daily use of telegram, and daily promotion of the Battleteam’s channel. In addition, he has attended regularly scheduled summit meetings, helped organize our clan discussions with his hashtag approach, and managed and aligned his Battleteam’s goals with that of the units above to insure a consistency of services while focusing on making VI it’s own community within the house and clan.

Finally, in terms of personal thanks, it has been awesome to see just how well Jorm has jumped into the leadership life within the Brotherhood. Though I know he hasn’t had high ambitions in terms of DJB positions, noting many times to the rest of the summit he doesn’t want to advance past Battleteam leader, Jorm has all the markings of a grand leader. Whether he wishes to continue to use that on a close knit team or larger scale; he will better whether unit he choses to lead and I’m appreciative of how much he does for Vindictae Immortalis as well as his work outside of that unit. I look at Jorm of a shining example of someone taking the roles and opportunities seriously to develop a positive community that others want to be a part of. Jorm genuinely cares for the people under his charge and actively looks to take care of them - whether it be through the communication methods used above or in conversations with the clan summit and our planning; he is always been focused on making his community the best it came be. I’m glad to add my support to this recommendation to recognize the efforts of a great member, leader, and friend.

Raiju Kang

Proconsul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

Warden Raiju Kang, 2018-05-31 16:31:31 UTC

Jorm is the perfect example of how one can contribute outside of the unit they lead, as he has been an integral part of the Scholae Palatinae summit set-up, contributing at all levels, since becoming BTL.

Jorm founded his battleteam, Vindictae Immortalis, 9 months ago, to fill a fictional hole in the clan - a team of misfits, pirates, smugglers and the like. The growth of that team has been nothing short of exceptional, and has quickly become our strongest active BT, placing 1st out of 4 in our battleteam cup competition (where activity for each BT was measured over a month). In his role as battleteam leader, Jorm has maintained a steady flow of competitions hosted (18) started an active Battleteam chat on telegram, created a logo, motto, wiki page, and regularly keeps in contact with his members. Vindictae Immortalis may be the newest team in Scholae Palatinae, but it’s quickly become the most developed, the most active, and has members wanting to join.

Jorm is always the first to participate in clan discussions about anything in the leadership channel. Most notably, he has helped us phenomenally to organise our thoughts, with the idea of using a hashtag for each topic, to help people easily catch up when they’ve been away for a chat. It’s little creative thoughts like those that have a big difference in the long term, this is something we still use very often after Jorm suggested it in late 2017. Jorm was also the author of a lengthy proposal on how we can improve our military given the 60,000,000 credits we had acquired between the start of the system and the end of the GJW. The proposal involved not only how to spend the credits, but also a re-evaluation of the entire clan military. Jorm then showed immense patience with me when I suddenly decided I’d rather cut back on the clan military to devote significant funds to houses and battleteams. Rather than complain about how his proposal wasn’t going to be used, Jorm immediately set to helping both house summits and every other BTL in the clan to develop their own military forces. These fleets have now been purchased and will make a real difference to help the other units develop their own story. Jorm is now working with me on adapting the base clan military to rebalance given what the teams have purchased

In his time since last promotion, Jorm has participated in 119 competitions, winning over 50 crescents, as well as a silver nova in the GJW. Jorm is active in all areas of the club, having earned 42 clusters of fire, 39 of ice, 11 of earth and 20 of graphite, plus 6 pendants of blood. He’s also earned 2 steel crosses, an Anteian cross and 2 dark crosses for various clan / house projects, including wiki review, military design, raw activity and world building projects at house level.

It’s difficult to sum up everything Jorm has done in the 18 months since his last promotion due to the vast scope of his contributions over a long period of time. But the clan would have nothing like the organisation it does today, in terms of our communication channels, our wiki, or our military.

Congratulations Jorm!

Elincia, Consul

Adept Elincia Rei, 2018-05-31 15:00:46 UTC