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Event ID
Battlelord Dek Iron'yikut
Old Rank
Commander (Equite 2)
New Rank
Lieutenant Colonel (Equite 3)
Requested by
Warden Raiju Kang
Primary reason

It is a great pleasure to be able to create this recommendation to recognize Dek Ironius II for his activity since his last promotion. Dek is by far one of CSP’s most indispensable members and we are lucky to have him in a positioned role as well; in fact, on a personal level, I’ve found that Dek has been the most indispensable member of Imperium both in his role as Aedile and now as Quaestor. His dedication, advice, and ability to be the sounding board I need has just been one of the many ways over the past year and a half Dek has contributed to the growth of the clan. Over the past sixteen months he's done amazing work as a leader, project coordinator, and content generator for our Clan - especially for Imperium. Beyond that, he's been an amazing member from the perspective of personal activity and it is my strong belief he is ready for elevation to Lieutenant Colonel.

As an explanation of my belief, I see Dek’s activity as having two separate categories; personal activity & leadership activity. When it comes to personal activity, Dek has participated in 69 and hosted 26 (in addition to co-organizing 4 others) competitions, earned 29 crescents, completed one PvP match, 3 ACC battles, 6 other fiction activities, 9857 words of fiction, 7 Runon posts of 8126 words, completed 19 SA courses and 5 degrees, while making over 19 reports or newposts and 46 comments on the website. In addition, since he was last promoted he’s earned 1 Grand Cross, 2 Anteian Crosses, 1 Dark Cross, 1 Cluster of Fire, 37 cluster of ice, 32 cluster of graphite, and 11 seal of wrath. However, in addition to these statistics, I’d like to further draw attention to some notable achievements Dek has made. In addition to the competitions he’s competed in, he has also had thirteen 1st-place finishes, ten 2nd-place finishes, and six 3rd-place finishes from these entries. This isn’t surprising as Dek always throws his all into a submission to make sure it is of great and competitive quality. Additionally, while Dek is mostly focused on fiction and misc-related activities; he is a well-rounded member who competes in gaming and ACC activities whenever possible - having three completed ACC battles since his last promotion. Often I find myself having to encourage junior leaders to not forget about their own personal activity once they come positioned - yet, even before I was Proconsul and was Quaestor to Dek, I’ve never once had to concern myself if he was being active and setting a good example - as Dek has always been at the front of Scholae Palatinae’s activity for as long as I can remember. Truly, CSP is blessed by his presence on this front.

In addition to the personal activity, Dek has a notable amount of leadership activities to focus upon since his last promotion. For over the last sixteen months he has served in a positioned role for thirteen of these months, progressing from Battleteam Leader to Aedile and then to Quaestor in that time. As Battleteam Leader where he spent long hours developing a new concept for the house’s sole Battleteam at the time in its transitioned from Shadow Guard to Crucesignatis Imperialis. This was a mountainous effort as it was the initial push for a member-driven unit where Dek was responsible for gathering membership feedback and trying to develop it under the charge of the clan direction. This also included the additional effort of developing lore ideas and documenting those on the wiki. All of this, which I might add, was done while Imperium had no Aedile and the BTL position was basically seen as a second in command - providing assistance to the Quaestor in house development until Dek was actually boosted to the official position as Aedile. From here, he was continuing to develop our house community by taking the lead responsibilities of coordinating house competitions and monitoring all forms of house activities while also being a coach and cheerleader for our members, assisting in the guidance and instruction of our new Battleteam Leaders, and in general assisting me with further house focuses such as house lore development and project management - including covering for me for a two week period while I was away in the hospital. On top of this, continuing into his role as Quaestor, Dek has developed the central enemy for Imperium to rally against, the Moldrates, and brought their existence into lore through three Imperium fiction updates that have totalled (in addition to the plan documents) over 6000 words of lore for the House to fictionally beef itself up upon before it now dives into the co-op clan event Dek planned in joint with the Excidium Quaestor; Disruption on Mount Karbon.

It has been very awesome to see just how well Dek has jumped into the leadership life within the Brotherhood, and I look at him as a shining example of someone taking the roles and opportunities seriously to develop a positive community that others want to be a part of. This has been further strengthen by his approachability as anytime any member has voiced anything resembling an issue or complaint, Dek has been the first to reach out to them, often settling issues before the rest of us step in. One could easily be forgiven for seeing Dek as a dissenting voice in the club’s leadership philosophy, fore where many want to just keep with the status quo - Dek has been an outlying voice of reason and purpose, regularly crying for the betterment of the club, our clan, and Imperium serving its membership. Frankly, Dek genuinely cares for the people under his charge more than they will likely realize and actively looks to take care of them even at the cost of his own popularity or advancement - and that the kind of leader I respect and admire. Despite how many headbutts we have, I trust in the fact that Dek is always is trying to best represent those under his charge and trying to make the rest of us better in our duties as well. So I’m glad to be able to be the one to build up this recommendation to recognize the efforts of a great member, leader, and friend.

Raiju Kang

Proconsul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

Warden Raiju Kang, 2018-06-10 16:33:30 UTC
Additional reasons

Since his last promotion in November 2016, Dek has served Scholae Palatinae with dedication and consistency, being active in all areas of the club, maintaining a high level of personal activity alongside leadership accomplishments. In that time, Dek's merit awards (a grand cross 2 Anteian crosses and a dark cross) document his contributions to the Scholae Palatinae leadership team, from Battleteam Leader to Quaestor.

We're very happy with Dek on the leadership team, and the clan, especially Imperium, wouldn't be where it is today without Dek. Thank you for all your hard work!



Adept Elincia Rei, 2018-06-10 13:18:08 UTC

Dek is a powerhouse for Imperium. I highly respect Dek's passionate leadership that he's provided in multiple roles and assignments since I've worked with him in the DJB. He's always the first one to speak in favor of a member and is fiercely loyal to those that he serves. He frequently acts as a voice of reason, even when it might be the unpopular thing to do.

Dek is somebody I'd follow to hell and back.

Major Wagglehorn, 2018-06-08 15:00:03 UTC