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Event ID
Corsair TuQ’uan Varick di Plagia
Old Rank
Privateer (Equite 1)
New Rank
Raider (Equite 2)
Requested by
Warlord Arden Karn di Plagia
Primary reason

TuQ’uan (hereinafter “TuQ”) has been a mainstay of the Plagueis summit for a long time and has been a driving force behind its success. Not only has he been a highly active member, but he’s also led by example and driven others to be successful. All this starts with his own activity and there is quite a lot to talk about. First off, he’s participated in 63 total events since his last promotion including very strong performances in both clan events in that time as well as high levels of participation in both the Collective Chronicles and May the Fourth events. From these events, TuQ netted a total of 16 Crescents (1 Diamond, 2 Ruby, 6 Amethyst, 6 Sapphire, and 1 Topaz) which demonstrates a dedication to excellence as well as participation. While on the subject of competitions, TuQ has also organized 8 of them since his last promotion, and co-organized tow more, showing an interest not just in consuming content but also creating it. On a more general note, TuQ has been an active participant in gaming events, earning 236 Clusters of Fire across a variety of games. He’s also earned 28 Clusters of Ice and 10 Clusters of Graphite for his fictional and graphics work. Further, TuQ has also been active in the Shadow Academy, earning a Maven and 3 Savant Degrees .

What makes TuQ a special member is not just his activity, it’s his dedication to making Plagueis both a successful unit and a fun place to be. He’s been a part of the Summit the entire period since his last promotion, first as Aedile of Karness Muur and more recently as Rollmaster of Plagueis. During that period he’s been a valued asset in helping to drive activity both during clan events and otherwise. He’s regularly active in Telegram both in our channel and in the other Brotherhood channels. TuQ is always willing to help out anyone, from a new member up to clan and DB leadership. He’s been a big part of our efforts to expand Plagueian lore as well as staying on top of our new members and making sure they have all the resources they need to succeed in the club. TuQ is often proactive in these efforts and very rarely needs input from me or Ronovi to do so. While we might not have had the most active new members, that doesn’t stop TuQ from doing his best to make sure they are both informed and equipped for success.

To me, though, what stands out about TuQ is that he’s a genuine pleasure to work with. Any task that’s put before him, no matter how small or large, he tackles with enthusiasm. Recently, TuQ took on the somewhat major task of helping to revive the Plagueis Podcast by both serving on the panel as well as taking on the responsibility of editing the files. As the PlagCast has been very popular amongst the membership as well as a valuable tool in passing knowledge on to the clan, being a part of bringing it back might be his most important contribution to date. I look forward to seeing where the PlagCast goes and it will all be thanks to TuQ.

For all the above reasons, I’m very proud to recommend you for this promotion. Next step, finding an appropriate seal...

Warlord Arden Karn di Plagia, 2018-06-13 02:29:23 UTC
Additional reasons

TuQ’uan, my man - where do I even begin? I immediately knew we had found someone special in TuQ the moment he joined Plagueis. From his time spent at BTL of the Circle, to his work as Aedile of Karness Muur, to his ascension to Rollmaster, TuQ has reminded us over and over of his dedication, activity, and outreach to members.

TuQ’uan has always cared deeply about making new members feel welcomed and like they belong in the unit. Even when he wasn’t Rollmaster, he was making an effort as both BTL and Aedile to send welcome emails to all new members, providing links and contact information with a very friendly tone in his writing. He collaborated with Furios Morega, his Quaestor, to help further develop both the lore of Karness Muur and Plagueis as a whole, working with other clan members to create and send potential ACC venues to the Combat Master and Voice Office in order to provide more creative settings for ACC battles. TuQ also ran his own solo competitions for Plagueis consistently; I truly consider him a cryptogram master, though he has also organized other fun competitions focused on puzzles, flash games, and fiction that allow members to be creative without stressing them out too much.

The man is also quite the workhorse himself! As you’ll see from his other recs, his gaming, writing, and ACCing have all earned him clusters and awards, and he does it all with a smile. More recently as Rollmaster, he helped organize “Mysteries of Aliso,” running 3 events while participating and/or placing in 6 others. He was constantly on Telegram hyping up the event, reminding members to “get on the hype train” and reach out if they needed anything from us. And to top it off, TuQ is now our lead editor on all future Plagcasts, succeeding Viv as the master behind correcting and finalizing the audio of our admittedly long-winded podcast episodes. That’s a serious undertaking that is often thankless, and so he should be recognized for the labor.

Above all, I see TuQ’uan as the ideal Plagueian. He is active. He is rational. He is compassionate and supportive. I truly consider him a friend now, and I am always eager to hear about his ideas and strategies for making Plagueis stronger and more active. TuQ is not one to settle for status quo, but instead fights to improve the environment for all of our membership. His promotion to EQ2, consequently, is justly earned and deserved.

I truly expect TuQ to do great things, as Rollmaster, Magistrate, and anything beyond. Mentors and leaders like you remind me that Plagueis is in good hands.

Thanks a million, my friend.

~ Ronovi Tavisaen, Proconsul of Plagueis

Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen, 2018-06-13 02:28:58 UTC

Since his last award for his work as Magistrate, TuQ has somehow continued to grow and shine as a member of the staff. He’s evolved — not unlike a glorious, hat-wearing pokemon — into a reliable teammate that I know I can count on to carry out the array of administrative tasks he’s responsible for overseeing. Other than staying on top of the Competitions queue, both in pre-and-post approval, TuQ reaches out and engages with members to make sure that they have everything they need in going through the guidelines to get their activities through. His growing knowledge of the character sheet system is evident, as is his command of the guidelines we maintain. Year-to-date as of the writing of this recc on (01/01/2018 — 6/11/2018), Tuqy has approved a staff-leading 121 character sheets, approximately 21.27% of sheet approvals. What those numbers don’t track, however, is how patient and helpful TuQ is when dealing with remands and helping members out with bringing their character’s to life. His understanding of how Aspects are supposed to work is a boon, and his positive demeanor is infectious and has drawn positive feedback across the board from members I’ve talked to that have had him work with them on their character sheets.

In short, TuQ has been an invaluable member of my team. He leads by example, serves as an admin in Fiction Chat, and helps me focus on the larger elements of my job because I know that he’s doing his due diligence in keeping up with his responsibilities and dedicating his time as a staff member to improving membership experience. He makes the Voice staff look good, and I am so happy to get this space to remind him how much I appreciate him and am proud of what he’s done as a member and leader here.

-W Voice of the Brotherhood

Master Marick Tyris Arconae, 2018-06-13 02:27:35 UTC