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Battlemaster Brimstone aka Seabr'imsto'nedansr
Grand Cross
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Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen
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There are few members that are so well-known in Clan Plagueis as Brimstone. With his remarkable dedication and friendly presence, we’ve all come to know him as the clan’s favorite Chiss with a phone. In the time since his last recognition, Brim has been a steady source of activity. He has participated in a whopping 69 competitions, including 11 in Clan Plagueis’ The Enemy Below event, 5 in the Twelfth Great Jedi War, 6 in the club's May the 4th Be With You! series, and 8 entries in the clan’s most recent event, Mysteries of Aliso. His competitive activity has earned him 2 Crescents with a Ruby Star, 2 Crescents with a Sapphire Star, 1 Crescent with an Emerald Star, 1 Crescent with a Topaz Star, and 5 Seals of Wrath. His activity has also spread into the Brotherhood’s gaming community with 6 PVP matches and 1 PVE activity. Combined with his regular SWGOH entries, he's totaled 131 Clusters of Earth and 22 Clusters of Fire for his gaming exploits.

Dedication is something that many members lack in this club. With all the curve balls that life throws at us, it can be difficult to keep up with a volunteer organization as one's hobby. Some members bail on their positions when real life interferes or join the Rogues when they don't feel like doing competitions anymore, but not Brimstone. He has done nothing but persevere since his serious trucking accident at the end of the last Great Jedi War. In the last several months, he's competed in many clan and club-wide competitions despite still recovering from multiple eye-socket reconstruction surgeries after said accident, and he has continually shown that if life is going to get anyone down, it won't be him. His loyalty to the clan and dedication to its health is an admirable part of what makes this member such a valuable asset to the unit and an integral part of our Plagueian family.

Aside from participating in competitions and events, Brimstone has also been a social paragon of the clan, providing the site with more of his feedback and comments than any other member in the clan this year and popping into Telegram when he's not riding the open road or diligently hammering out another flurry of comps on his phone. His friendly demeanor, steady presence, and continuous support has been a part of House Karness Muur and Clan Plagueis as a whole for as long as I can remember. There's nobody more deserving of this Grand Cross of the Dark Side than Brimstone. I hope this token of our appreciation brightens his recovery and I can't wait to see him back at full strength.

  • Recommendation written by Furios Morega, Quaestor of House Karness Muur
  • Award Request approved by the Clan Summit.

Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen, 2018-06-15 01:16:07 UTC