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Augur Tali Sroka
Steel Cross
Requested by
Warlord Lucine Vasano
Primary reason

When I think about steady and active members of Qel-Droma, Tali immediately comes to mind. I have to be honest, I have no idea how he finds the time to participate as much as he does, and can only conclude that he is some sort of super-human who can forgo sleep.

Since Tali’s promotion in February, he has organized 4 competitions and co-organized 2. He has also participated in 42 competitions. He has written a total of 35,908 words of fiction, which has netted him 76 Clusters of Ice. He has also received 10 Clusters of Granite from his participation in graphics competitions.

Due to all of this activity, it is my pleasure to recommend him for a Steel Cross. Congratulations, Tali! Keep up like this, and you’ll be running Arcona in no time!

Warlord Lucine Vasano, 2018-08-02 03:44:39 UTC