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Aug 5, 2018
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Hunter Kadrol Hauen
Anteian Cross
Requested by
Augur Elincia Rei
Primary reason

Kadrol is a great source of activity for Scholae Palatinae and has been since he joined us. Kadrol is a member that is both always looking for ways to help out around the clan as well as being active in raw numbers. Since his last recognition he has entered 15 competitions, including a diamond crescent for winning the clan's major house v house event, as well as clusters of fire, ice, and graphite. In terms of project work, Kadrol has worked with me on compiling information about how other units organise their military pages to help us display the information in a more useful manner, and taken joint-lead on a small project to create a map of the CSP headquarters, Caelestis City.

Many thanks for all you do Kadrol! Congratulations!


Augur Elincia Rei, 2018-08-05 11:18:58 UTC