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Seer Zujenia
Steel Cross
Requested by
Colonel Rhylance
Primary reason

Zujenia is one of Arcona’s most dependable members and leaders. She is quick to speak to any new member and has gained notoriety across the DJB for her tendency to send any newcomer she sees an intricate and heartfelt welcoming message. On telegram, Zuji is one of the most talkative and prolific voices we have in our clan, and she has shown in many ways that she’s deserving of recognition.

Since her last recognition, she has organized six competitions and competed in 38 competitions, 48 if you include container comps. Of those, she was successfully able to place in 15 of them earning a variety of crescents! Outside of competitions, Zuji has earned herself 154 Clusters of Fire, 30 Clusters of Ice, and 8 Clusters of Graphite. She has even earned a Pendant of Blood.

As a leader in Arcona Zujenia has served and Aedile of HQD for two months and Quaestor for about 3 months before she stepped down. She has played in 18 PvE games, done an ACC match, completed 1 SA course, and wrote a total of 13319 words of fiction. After such an outstanding display of commitment to Arcona I’m proud to award Zujenia a Steel Cross. Great work Zuji!

Colonel Rhylance, 2018-08-05 10:00:50 UTC