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Mystic Eilen Jath
Dark Cross
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Colonel Rhylance
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When it comes to dependable and hardworking members, Eilen is near the top of the list. A staple on Telegram, Eilen spends much of her time doing amazing art and showing it off on the Art Channel. Eilen always has such a great attitude, and I would be proud to recognize her triumphs.

Since her last recognition, Eilen has participated in 15 competitions, 18 if we’re including containers, and has placed in 11 of them earning a variety of crescents for her hard work. She has earned 38 Clusters of Ice, and 18 Clusters of Graphite. For her dedication to Arcona, Eilen was also been presented with a Seal of Loyalty. Eilen passed 2 courses and written 18,737 words of fiction.

For all of her hard work, I am proud to acknowledge Eilen with a Dark Cross. Great work Eilen!

Colonel Rhylance, 2018-08-05 10:13:28 UTC