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Augur Mune Cinteroph
Sapphire Blade
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General Zentru'la
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Mune has played an instrumental role in the running of Scholae Palatinae in his capacity as Rollmaster, a position he has held for one year and 4 months. While the primary focus is still on mentoring and welcoming of new members, Mune has made this position its own and turned it into a position equally important to us as the CON and PCON roles, taking mentoring and member development into his own hands at every level and area of the club. This mentorship has been especially valuable within the leadership channels, as Mune helps us all to reach our potential and improve as leaders.

Mune has advice and guidance on every issue the clan faces, and is a vital part of all of our communications, from short term competition hosting to long term leadership and succession planning, and is always the first one to try to diffuse a potentially volatile situation in any of the clan's communication forums.

In terms of talent development, Mune has always been a regular proof reader of fiction for the clan to help us all improve on our abilities. The most notable of this is his idea of the CSP Proofreading Program, where he's set up an email to which members can send their fictions, and it will be forwarded to a group of experienced fiction writers, who proof read the piece and give guidance. This program is hugely beneficial, not only is there now a one stop place for proof reading, we can also track how much support the proof readers are given through the recording spreadsheet. Not only interested in talent development, sharing is important to Mune too, and in his Rollmaster Reports (which are now monthly on the site following a period where they were shared as pdf newsletters) the focus is on sharing the amazing work that our members produce, so more people can see it. Other notable work in this field is the character development workshops, in which Mune hosts a series of short competitions to encourage us to think about our characters in a new light, which has a positive effect on future fiction work.

Mune's skill with administrative tasks is a further talent that makes him such an important part of our leadership channel. For every multi-comp clan-wide event, Mune has created Google Docs (a mix of sheets and word docs) for the planning of each competition and the scoring sheets. On a broader scale, Mune creates all the calendars that we use to keep ourselves organised between events, making sure that we don't overload the membership or ourselves but keep a steady stream of activity for the clan.

In terms of his personal activity, Mune has participated in 63 competitions, earned 129 Clusters of Fire, 46 of Ice, 36 of Earth and 16 of Graphite, completed 17 shadow academy exams, earning 4 degrees, finished 8 ACC battles, earned 6 pendants of blood and a dark side scroll for writing a featured wiki page.

We are very lucky to have such an important position filled by someone so passionate about the clan and its members, and has done so for such a long time. Congratulations Mune!


General Zentru'la, 2018-09-03 17:56:05 UTC
Additional reasons

It is a great pleasure to be able to add my support to this recommendation to recognize Mune Cinteroph-Palpatine with his first Sapphire Blade. By far, Mune is an indispensable member for Scholae Palatinae, having touched it on many different tiers, and we are lucky to have him in a positioned role as well. For us in the Scholae summit, he has became the beating heart of our team. Every success we’ve had, lesson we’ve picked up along the way, and moment we needed advice; Mune has been there as a guiding hand to help us forward. There are many that don’t appreciate the role and influence the Rollmaster position can have and Mune is an example of how we in Scholae function as a Triumvirate - Mune’s efforts alone showcasing why that position is so important for us. Therefore, to recognize the guardian angel over all of our shoulders and I’m proud to assist in recognizing Mune for all his efforts towards our cause.

As explanation of my belief, I see Mune’s activity as three separate categories; personal activity, community projects, & leadership activity.

When it comes to personal activity, Mune has participated in 63 competitions, hosted 25 competitions, played 2 PVP matches, done 15 PVE activities, finished 8 ACC battles, completed 3 fiction activities, wrote 3958 words, and wrote 3 run-on posts with a total of 3762 words. Additionally, Mune has passed 17 SA courses, gain 4 degrees, and graded 1 course since his last recognition. Similarly, he has earned 129 Clusters of Fire, 46 of Ice, 36 of Earth and 16 of Graphite, earned 6 pendants of blood, a legion of scholar, and a dark side scroll.

However, in addition to the statistics, I’d like to further draw attention to some notable achievements Mune has made. Not only has he competed in 63 competitions since his last promotion, 6 have been for 1st place finishes, 7 for 2nd place finishes, and 9 for 3rd place finishes . This isn’t surprising as Mune often throws his all into a submission to make sure it is of great and competitive quality. Often I find myself having to encourage junior leaders to not forget about their own personal activity once they come positioned - yet, I’ve never once had to concern myself if Mune was being active and setting a good example - as he has always been at the front of Scholae Palatinae’s activity for as long as I can remember. Truly, CSP is blessed by his presence on this front.

In addition to the personal activity, as the second category I mentioned above, Mune has been instrumental to the Clan’s development as a community. As Eli has noted in his recommendation, Mune has been the driving force behind the creation and administration of the CSP Proofreaders program. Aside from this, which he recently redid our entire spreadsheet and reporting system as well, he's also personally proofed 3 pieces of fiction totalling 2,196 words and taken to promoting the program at every report, event, and moment of opportunity that can can. This is not surprising to me, as Mune often works for the betterment of the community such as in the case of his Character workshops or competitions he runs that specifically aim to help member develop their fictional stance in the Brotherhood. Apart of that, he’s also revamp our clan competition roadmap, tapping in to his convention experience, to help the clan be better organized and more straightforward in our methodology. Whether acting as a promoter of clan activities, personal successes or activities, or being an editor for our clan fiction, or a mediator for any disputes that arise in the public or private channels of the clan; Mune gives the community his all for all our betterment - even personally pairing up with me for gaming so I can learn a new platform to further my own ambitions. Frankly, I see the Consul and Quaestors being our chief community development officers - but without Mune I don’t think we would be where we are today without him.

Finally, in terms of positioned leadership, for over 14 months Mune has served in the role of Rollmaster. From this position, he is the first point of contact for all our new arrivals. I don’t just mean new recruits - for when I transferred into CSP over a year ago, it was Mune who was the first one to reach out to me and welcome me to the clan, offer guidance on the different sub-units we have, and make sure I knew where I could find out all the information I needed for a successful transfer into the clan. Mune takes this role more seriously than any other indivdiual I’ve seen in the RM role - including myself. He makes sure everyone has the information they need to be a success, and has crafted templates and welcome documents to be easily shared with new recruits either by himself or by others when he was on vacation and out of the country. When a new arrival enters the clan, I have every bit of faith that this individual will have all the support they need to move forward strictly coming from one individual and yet that isn’t the only thing Mune does as Rollmaster. As a de facto third clan summit member, an equal member of our triumvirate, Mune is involved in the daily planning and organization of our clan structure and as all the rights, duties, and tasks of Eli and myself so that we know if one of us is away or busy, Mune can take the lead.

Finally, in terms of personal thanks, it has been awesome to see just how well Mune has jumped into the leadership life within the Brotherhood. Mune has all the markings of a grand leader. I look at Mune of a shining example of someone taking the roles and opportunities seriously to develop a positive community that others want to be a part of. Mune genuinely cares for the people under his charge and actively looks to take care of them - whether it be through the communication methods used above or in conversations with the clan summit and our planning; he is always been focused on making his community the best it came be. I’m glad to add my support to this recommendation to recognize the efforts of a great member, leader, and friend.

Raiju Kang

Proconsul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

Warlord Rhys Pwyll, 2018-09-02 20:59:23 UTC