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General Stres'tron'garmis
Amethyst Kukri
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Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor
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Kordath has been a stabilizing and consistent leadership presence in Arcona over the last year and a half, with more than half of that time spent as Consul. Over the two quarters he has been Consul, Arcona has generated more than a thousand competition entries and maintained an active core group of members that is among the strongest in the Brotherhood, with more than 60% of his members regularly participating in activities. Kord has organized more than 50 competitions, including The Consul Bride co-op event with Clan Odan Urr earlier in 2018 and the Sins of the Past event currently running in Arcona. Kordath has been extremely active on a personal level as well, with a total of 142 competitions participated in. His gaming activities account for 80 PvE and PvP matches and more than 1600 total gaming Clusters. Kordath is active in every aspect of our Brotherhood, evidenced by his 30+ Clusters of Graphite and his numerous Clusters of Ice. He has gained 3 degrees, graded 10 exams in the Shadow Academy and posted 9 News posts on the website, all with very detailed and clear information members can engage with. Kordath’s major activity includes fiction and ACC matches. Almost every Consul report included a major fiction update, including 13 non-ACC activities. He has completed 18 ACC matches, graded 14 and wrote a total of 19339 words in fiction. Among the myriad awards he has earned, a Gold Nova, a Silver nova and 18 Seals of Wrath mark Kordath as more than a participant, but an exceptional competitor that has helped carry his unit in placing in the last Great Jedi War. Kordath’s contributions to our club exceed just his activity for his Clan. Kordath is a constant contributor to Brotherhood-wide discussions that help guide decisions we make at the top level of the club. Kordath gets involved where he can, as well - he recently helped write an additional 6 Scenario Hall venues - outside of any competition - for usage in the ACC. More than that, Kordath works closely with the Dark Council to provide the best experience for his members and the members of the club as a whole through his constant communication with various Dark Council offices.

It is our pleasure to recommend Kordath for this Amethyst Kukri. Congratulations, Kord!

  • Vyr (Morgan)
  • Deputy Grand Master
  • Telaris “Mav” Cantor
  • Grand Master

Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor, 2018-10-10 22:28:31 UTC