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Battlemaster Rosh Nyine
Dark Cross
Requested by
Battlelord Jorm (The Jester) Na'trej
Primary reason

Eleven competitions entered with one more each organized and co-hosted, 7859 words of fiction submitted, and no less than 3 degrees earned speak in the same tongue - "Give this man a medal." Chanting with them are over 90 CFs, 20 of Ice, 6 of Graphite, and a Pendant of Blood.

Let their pleas be heard.

Battlelord Jorm (The Jester) Na'trej, 2018-12-28 20:13:45 UTC
Additional reasons

Rosh Nyine is not only a good friend to myself, he is a good friend to the clan in many ways. He maintains a proper consistent presence in both the clan CSP Telegram as well as the Vindictae Immortalis Telegram. He's always wiling to provide a laugh, encouragement, or bestow some of his words of "wisdom" to members that have been here since the Dark Ages, and members that have only arrived to the Brotherhood. Because of this, and other noted reccomendations, I would like to award Rosh Nyine with this medal. Congratulations, Rosh! Thank you for always being there for Excidium and for Clan Scholae Palatinae!

Alara Deathbane Rollmaster to Clan Scholae Palatinae

Augur Alara Deathbane, 2018-12-14 02:12:14 UTC