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Master Dacien Victae
Old Rank
Adept (Elder 1)
New Rank
Master (Elder 2)
Requested by
Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Primary reason

Our Masters are our most recognizable, active, and contributing members. Their efforts have made the Brotherhood a better place for years to come. Those achieving this rank have served tirelessly for years, seeking only to make our club a better place for all members. It is the sad reality of our club that as a member achieves more and more, there simply becomes fewer opportunities to recognize their excellence - every additional step requires more and more. But when the time comes when we are able to recognize our most prominent members, it is truly a special occasion. And so it is my great pleasure today to elevate Dacien "BubbaX" Vitae to the rank of Dark Jedi Master.

Over the last four years, Dacien has served the Brotherhood at the highest level. Since his promotion to Dark Adept, he has served for more than a year as Headmaster, as Magistrate to the Regent for 11 months, as both Left and Right Hands of Justice, and most recently, 7 months as Justicar. Dacien has overseen major projects, such as during his time as Headmaster when he lead the development of the Test of Loyalty and revision of the Journeyman Hall (for which he was awarded an Emerald Dagger, and as Justicar, where he updated the Covenant to cover new data privacy concerns and has managed CoJ cases and prevented additional cases through extensive mediation between members and leaders. As a member of the Dark Council, Dacien has assisted in the development of numerous new systems, such as helping with our Paths system, and has organized or co-organized multiple Vendetta competitions and assisted in grading on several others. He played a major role in bringing posssessions to reality, as documented in his second Amethyst Kukri. And, when not serving on the Dark Council, Dacien was tearing it up as an active member of Clan Plagueis, helping the unit through earning two Gold Novae and a Silver while participating in more than 60 competitions.

Dacien is an incredible advisor. Dacien provides regular input in every major and minor decision the Dark Council makes, interacts regularly with the Consuls and members of the Star Chamber, and is absolutely invaluable in the current day to day operations of the club. He has had to make numerous hard decisions on Chamber of Justice cases, and has helped oversee the rehabilitation of several members to places where they are able to really contribute once again to our club. His objectivity and patience has helped shape the policy of my office over the last eleven months, and he was an invaluable member of the Dark Council as Headmaster during his previous tenure.

For all of the reasons I listed above, I am pleased to elevate our Justicar to the rank of Dark Jedi Master.

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master

Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor, 2019-03-24 18:45:42 UTC