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Champion Rajhin Cindertail
Ruby Scepter
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Declan Roark
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The Ruby Scepter is beautiful ornate award awarded to members of the Dark Brotherhood who have demonstrated extreme dedication to the Club. Less than 1% of all Dark Jedi Brotherhood members have earned the Ruby Scepter due to the contributions required to earn it. In this case, I am confident in saying that Warlord Rajhin (known as Turel moving forward) has earned it. Turel has not been promoted in over a year and has not been awarded a Sacramental Award or Merit Award in over two years. Throughout the time since his last promotion he has served the Dark Brotherhood honorably as a Consul (two months), Left Hand of Justice (5 months), Quaestor (2 months), ACC Judge (15 months), and Left Hand of Justice (3 months). Beyond serving in these positions as a mentor in leader in our Club, Turel found time to earn 4 Nova, 63 Crescents, over 8000 clusters (not a typo), 31 Seals associated with Vendettas, and 3 x Seals of Foundation for 18 months of duty to the Shadow Academy. That activity was achieved through participation in seven run-ons, six ACC battles, 41 PvP matches, 566 PvE activities, and a total participation in 129 competitions. Outside of his competition participation, Turel found time to run 9 competitions and judge another 22 ACC matches.

Beyond Turel's individual merits as a member, he has worked tirelessly to improve our club as a whole. His activity as a member of the Court of Justice, as a judge in the ACC, and as Consul in Odan-Urr will be detailed below my recommendation by those who know his work best. I will focus on his work in ensuring the creation of Clan Vizsla; the DJB's first new Clan in over nine years.

Becoming a member of Clan Vizsla was a difficult choice for many members, but none more so than Turel. Turel is a legend within the Odan Urr community. He led them to a Vendetta victory as a Consul, he earned the Clan name, and he knew that leaving the Clan could cost him (personally and a Clan name). Despite this, Turel had the courage to see the opportunity in creating something new in the Dark Brotherhood.

Upon his arrival in Vizsla, Turel immediately began to provide insight and shape policies that would lead to Vizsla's approval. He was an editor and contributor to our proposal document (17 pages: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14tlay0gW4gxVDMvXuUc83LF2nyZJ4UARMuo7FBWJuX0/edit?usp=sharing) and our new home planet (https://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Zsoldos). His work on both of those projects was integral to the creation of our first new Clan in nearly a decade.

Sacramental Awards and Elder promotions require a member to go beyond their Clan. I'm confident in saying Turel has gone beyond any Clan in his activity and approach to the Dark Brotherhood. He has led one Clan to a Vendetta victory as a Consul, he has contributed greatly to the creation of a second Clan, he has served as both the protector of the DJB's CoJ interests as well as our members, and he has served as a Judge in the ACC. He has also served as both a voice of reason and a dissenting voice on many DJB policies and decisions (a role that gets people on the Temporary Star Chamber).

Turel, congrats on your award. I'm always honored to be the one recommending it :p

Declan Roark, 2019-06-10 15:27:47 UTC
Additional reasons

Since joining the Chamber of Justice as Left Hand in February, Turel has made himself an indispensable part of the team. The Chamber works best when the Justicar and the Hands can discuss sensitive matters frankly and with shared commitment to protect the rights and interests of the club and its members. Turel understands and facilitates exactly that atmosphere. He has brought experience, competence, and good instincts in equal measure. Although none of the Chamber's work thus far in his tenure has been made public, Turel has provided timely, critical advice to me and to his fellow members who have had reason to seek his counsel.

Prophet Dacien Victae, 2019-06-10 15:26:09 UTC

This is a difficult recommendation for me to write, not because I have trouble finding things to say, but because there’s so much to distill into a few short paragraphs.

With regards to his service to the ACC, I have to admit that my own decision to step down as a judge was made much easier by the knowledge that Turel would be coming back on staff to serve in the unofficial senior judge role. His experience with the system, both as a competitor and a judge, was unrivaled. Since returning to staff, he has served as lead judge on an additional 22 matches, each a time commitment of roughly two hours. Additionally, he has graded 6 ACC Qualification exams, authored a venue for the relaunch of the Scenario Hall, and lent his keen eye and sharp mind to countless staff discussions. During the novel Coach’s Corner event last year, Turel led Team Red Panda and helped Mune Cinteroph start down the path to becoming a judge himself. Throughout all of this, Turel has also served as one of the ACC’s main evangelists and public advocates, a position he naturally occupies as one of the most prolific and successful competitors since the center’s rebirth.

In additional to his ACC service, Turel deserves recognition for his lasting contributions to Odan-Urr. Although most of his tenure on our summit has been documented in previous awards, the record leaves out his crowning achievement. Shortly after his elevation to EQ4, he led us to our first-ever victory in a club-wide vendetta. Independent House Odan-Urr struggled for years to gain traction, and even relative late-comers like me have been told to our faces that we don’t belong in this club, so it’s difficult to overestimate what becoming First Clan meant to all of us.

More than anyone else, Turel is the man responsible for building the leadership culture that won GJW XII and RoS: Meridian. An although it was the product of years of work, the level of energy and commitment he brought to his consulship was obvious right up to his very last day. During the War, he led from the front, completing every bin and earning himself 2 Novae; at the same time, he was constantly working to maintain a positive vibe in the COU war room and keep members on task and energetic. He worked with Edgar to create The Odanite Code, a statement of our clan’s values aimed at preserving our fun, member-driven attitude and avoiding the pitfalls of other established and highly successful units in the club’s past. During the first weekend of GJW XII, he and I scrambled to write a 12-page fiction update intended to show that the unexpected emergence of the Collective had a direct and significant impact on Odanites and their characters.

It’s safe to say I learned most, if not all, of what I know about unit leadership from watching Turel. Much of that is summed up in his final CON report, however he continued to be a valuable source of counsel and one of my most reliable members during my time as consul. He assisted in the early planning of the Consul Bride co-op event with Arcona, took a crescent for third place overall finish in the Tipping Point clan event, and earned full participation and a 20th place finish (our of 157) in the Rite of Supremacy. Although his passion at times gets the better of him, which I will admit made me want to Force choke him on multiple occasions, his unwavering commitment to the DB’s members is something that I will always respect. While I’m very sad to see him go, I know that Turel is at his best when faced with a challenge, and Vizsla could not ask for a better member to help lay the groundwork of a brand new clan.

Headmistress Alethia Archenksova, 2019-06-10 15:25:29 UTC

Turel brought to the Chamber of Justice a unique perspective, having unfortunately been through the CoJ process himself several years ago. To me, that was a perspective I wanted in the office of Left Hand of Justice. He was in a position that required empathy, and he was able to deliver.

The first half of 2017 saw a flurry of activity in the Chamber of Justice, which was buttressed by a slow end to the year. But that first part was hard. We had a cloning/cheating case that had some complexity to it, but more engulfing was the case that led to the expulsion of Xanos. The CoJ had not expelled anyone since its very early days, and it had not been done since the adoption of the new Covenant. And the sensitivity of the mater required a great deal of work.

During the course of those cases, I was impressed by the quality of work presented by Turel and the obvious thought that he put into all he did. He did not waver in taking positions that might be contrary to popular opinion, my opinion, or what might be right for the Brotherhood's policies. Rather, he did what was right by the defendant member, taking that Devil's advocate approach that is necessary. He ensured, for example, that Xanos was informed of everything involved in the CoJ process, and he kept me on my toes in making my decisions.

Turel was also instrumental in evaluating several LoR removal requests. Those require a good deal of time, and Turel was tasked with taking the side of the person seeking removal to argue their points. His advice helped me make the right decisions.

In addition to the above, Turel also represented the CoJ in the manner than I would expect him to. I found him to be upstanding and professional. He presented himself with care, and I never received any word that he was not holding himself to the high standard I set.

All-in-all, Turel likely spent at lease 20-25 hours in service of the CoJ, if not more. He was an excellent LHoJ and will be missed on my staff.

Jac Cotelin, 2019-06-10 15:24:31 UTC