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Prophet Dacien Victae
Dark Cross
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Declan Roark
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Prior to his lofty elevation to the position of Justicar, Master Dacien Victae (Bubba from here on out) was instrumental in the early development of Clan Vizsla. Bubba was the first author of Vizsla's Clan proposal. His initial document was a seven page draft that included the Clan's name, the Clan's battle teams (designed as future houses), a history, and proposed planet styles (Reference: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1peM6Js_j8tlEwExE2pNgDi-CqhTb2lmSBbrcB6wP57Q/edit?usp=sharing). This document would later go on to make the core of Clan Vizsla's approved Clan Proposal.

Without Bubba's selfless work in establishing the initial Vizsla ideas into an actual document, the Clan may have never made it past the idea stage. Bubba, we are appreciative of your efforts and you have a undying thanks.


Declan Roark, 2019-06-10 14:46:24 UTC