Event Details

Event ID
Knight Telos
Old Rank
Hunter (Journeyman 3)
New Rank
Knight (Journeyman 4)
Requested by
Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu
Primary reason

Behold those who return! Telos is far from a new member. With a join date fifteen years ago, Telos is one of the rare folks who had to pursue other life aspects before returning to us, and we are more than happy to have them.

Since their promotion to Hunter, Telos has been busy. She has participated in five competitions contributing to a career total of twelve, amassing two diamond crescents, one ruby crescent, two pendants of blood (for a total of eighteen), five clusters of fire, and a whopping one hundred fifty two clusters of earth. In addition, she has earned the fourth ranks in both the Royal Guard and the Shadow Academy Society.

It is a rare and difficult thing, coming back to a Brotherhood that has changed so much. Lesser folks have fallen aside in pursuit of easier paths. Yet Telos has proven that she is up to the challenge. In this short period of time, Telos has pushed through the Trials of Knighthood and emerged successful, a task that I am proud to acknowledge today. I am happy to be the one to thank her for her work, and to share our hopes that she will continue on to ever greater heights.

Rise and be counted as a Knight, Telos!

Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu, 2020-01-31 01:18:19 UTC
Additional reasons

Telos has been a whirlwind of activity from taking on the Shadow Academy, talking in voice chat, and gaming. I am honored to be a part in reccomending Telos for a promotion. You have worked hard and deserve it. Congratulations on your new rank!

~Tasha'Vel Versea, RM of Naga Sadow

Battlelord Tasha'Vel Versea, 2020-01-28 04:52:59 UTC

Telos has become a model pupil in House Marka Ragnos and Clan Naga Sadow. She has participated in numerous competitions, completed umpteen degrees, and has made my report Glory and Honor section, where we recognize everyone's efforts, huge because of these contributions. She has a lust to learn and to grow and really come to the table for our clan. I am anxious to see this continue.

I say kudos to you, my friend Telos. If you can show the gumption, energy, enthusiasm, and fortitude for getting things done, others will follow suit. Your join date doesn't matter so much as what you do "today". Newcomers and existing members alike will look at all you've done leading to this moment and recognize what it takes to be a Disciple of Sadow and a true Markosian!

Savant Xolarin, 2020-01-27 23:38:32 UTC

It is always exciting when a member who had joined years ago returns and picks up where they left off. Telos has been very busy since returning to us and she has very much earned this. It is with great honor that I recommend Telos for this promotion into knighthood. Well done!

Ashia Keibatsu ~ Proconsul of Naga Sadow

Augur Ashia Kagan Keibatsu, 2020-01-27 22:49:18 UTC