Event Details

Event ID
Padawan Ruti Tar
Old Rank
Proselyte (Novitiate 4)
New Rank
Neophyte (Journeyman 1)
Requested by
Adept Takota Okami
Primary reason

Ruti Tar, you continue to impress. You're growing more competent each day and you will surely rival the Dark Council when the time is right. You have met the requirements for promotion, and a recommendation has been filed. Your accomplishments include:

  • Have an approved character sheet on record
  • Have been awarded 2 Clusters of Graphite
  • Join Telegram or IRC, and visit Clan Channel
  • Logon to the DJB Discord Server
  • Participate in 5 competitions
  • Pass the Comms 102: Telegram Shadow Academy Course
  • Pass the Comms 103: DJBWiki (An Introduction) Shadow Academy Course
  • Pass the Dark Brotherhood Basics Shadow Academy Course

I will continue to watch your progress, Ruti Tar, but my direct intervention in your promotions must come to an end.

You will go far within this Brotherhood.

May the Force guide you, Journeyman,

Warlord Daniel "Seraphol" Stephens

Adept Takota Okami, 2020-04-11 22:49:20 UTC