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Lord Dacien Victae
Dark Cross
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Grand Master Declan Roark
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Since his return to the Dark Brotherhood, Bubba has improved Clan Plagueis by his dedication and hard work. Clan Plagueis was in desperate need of a new Website designer and coder and Bubba volunteered for this duty with and has performed wonderfully. Since taking on the Clan Plagueis Chamberlain duties he has added several pages of content, fixed administration code, and spent several hours fixing the the coding for our main page. Without Bubba our website would be many months behind. He has done a great service for Clan Plagueis and for the Brotherhood as a whole! Thanks Bubba<br> <br> ------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> <br> <br> BubbaX is a wonder in disguise; a diamond in the rock. He is a irreplaceable asset to Satal Keto, Plagueis, and the Brotherhood as a whole. His work in web design is very masterful, he has offered to create and maintain the House website, and Egroups for each Battleteam. His work is unparralled - couple that with a very high level of being able to reach him, makes him a boon to my House. I'm glad to have him! :) ~QUA/OT Venquis

Grand Master Declan Roark, 2006-05-03 22:00:00 UTC