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Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae
Ruby Scepter
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Master Idris Adenn
Primary reason

Atty continues to be a massive powerhouse of activity and compassion for this club. From her diligent work on “TeamVoice” to encouraging members from around the club (be it Arcona, Fiction Chat, Art Chat) Atty is always there to double down on kindness and a “get shit done” attitude.

Since her well earned promotion nine months ago, Atty hasn’t slowed down at all. During this period Atty was responsible for personally handling 249 character sheet approvals (Just shy of 20% of all sheet approvals) and 84 remands. Her remands, of course, were always of the highest caliber: polite, professional, and massively informative for the members to correct errors on their sheets. This doesn’t include the fact she provides insight on every reviewed sheet that gets remanded even it is by myself, Qyreia, Orion, or TuQ. As I stepped into the role of Voice, it was Atty who (thankfully) provided patient training on the systems and feedback while I found my footing. From writing better remands to putting out more interesting competitions to having more informative reports, Atty was there.

Atty’s Praetor skills go well beyond being a worker bee on the sheet queue, although I know a lot of time she must feel that is what it is. She has been a critical voice in the policy changes that have come out these last few months, and I rely heavily on the fact she will never not speak her mind on things I’m looking at doing. Her insight has been very important in changes to species, skills, powers, and everything else that is still in works.

Her work extends into the DJB Story Group. She helped plan out components for the newest club faction, the Tenixir Revenants. She helped with the overall story both of their prelude event and everything that occurred in the war, including some very critical plot changes. With 72 member features to work into chapter three, she also took up the mantle to completely write two of the five-member scenes, as well as going back and growing the ones I took care of to add more of the characters’ heart and souls into the scenes they were featured in. This resulted in her writing just under 3000 words for chapter three in addition to proofing ALL of the war associated fictions prior to release.

As a member, Atty pulls no punches. She is always engaged. She has competed in 61 different competitions in the last several months. 20 of these were fictions generating just under 95,000 words. That is more words than Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. She also pumped out 7 posts in run-ons for just under 6,500 words and completed two ACC battles.

All of this competition activity has netted her 2 Gold Nova, 1 Silver Nova, 1 Bronze Nova, a whole bunch of crescents (including 4 diamonds and 7 rubies!), 228 Clusters of Ice, 50 Clusters of Graphite and 18 Seals of Visions.

To make a long story short, Atty is one hell of a member, leader, worker, and friend. Anyone involved in club fiction benefits from the fact she is around. And the club as a whole benefits from her always being a bright beacon of positive energy.

Idris Adenn
Voice of the Brotherhood

Master Idris Adenn, 2020-08-13 05:33:46 UTC
Additional reasons

So. Atyriu. Atty. Abby. I don’t believe there really needs to be any introductions for her. It’s probably fair to say that when most people in the club think of Arcona, Atty is usually one of the first people that think of; for all the right reasons. Unflinchingly kind, incredibly quick to accept and encourage new members, and constantly competitive, she brings out the very best from everyone around her, from the noobs to the most grizzled vets in the clan. When we’re not making short jokes at her expense (<3), the rest of our time usually spent thanking her, or sobbing through one of her fictions.

When I first came to the Brotherhood, a little bit over a year ago, Atty was the one who really encouraged me to get into the swing of fiction writing. I know I’m not the only one; I can’t even name how many members in our clan, and the club as a whole, have told me that they really became active in their specific interests in the club because she inspired them to. She helps to teach all how they might do better; in their writing, as I well know; in our art; and in our leadership positions, guiding us with her extensive (and still commonly displayed) experience.

On my Battleteam, she’s easily the most active, winningest member around. In the Voice staff, she most certainly tackles the lion’s share of apps, and is always quick to offer her delightful insight aside from that. Things just go better when she’s around.

Atty deserves this. That, I can say without a shadow of a doubt.

Sera Kaern Spectre Cell Battleteam Leader, House Galeres Magistrate to the Voice

Savant Sera Kaern, 2020-08-13 04:55:33 UTC

Atty is without a doubt one of the hardest working and dedicated and talented members of the DJB. She is a pillar of the community, and I would be hard-pressed to imagine Arcona without her. Nor would I want to.

When I first started in the club, she took the time to mentor me, to guide me in both the inner workings of the DJB and in developing my character. I am hardly unique, as she is more than willing to help any member who asks. I am hard-pressed to think of a single Arconan who hasn’t be guided by her in some form or another.

In addition to helping newer members, she is also willing to provide assistance and guidance on the leadership level. As a titlebearer (and now Arconae Primus!), she is always willing to provide feedback and suggestions regarding the leadership of the clan. Her experience has proven to be invaluable.

She also gives back to the community by assisting in running the house roleplaying sessions, which helps to foster individual characters and the clan storyline as a whole. In addition to the necessary preparation, these roleplaying sessions pretty much require near-constant availability on Telegram to respond to messages and keep the storyline going. What’s more, these roleplaying sessions can take up to 3 to 5 days, requiring a significant time commitment.

In short, she helps with all the things, and is always available should anything arise. Her presence has shaped the overall experience for so many people in a positive manner. I personally am grateful to her for the time and energy that she devotes to Arcona and the DJB. What’s more, I am proud to call her a friend and a mentor.

Thank you for all you do, Bester. You deserve all the good things. Congratulations!

Lucine Vasano
Consul, Clan Arcona

Warlord Lucine Vasano, 2020-08-13 04:54:19 UTC

Oh boy here we go, giving Atty more things to threaten people with. All joking aside she is very deserving of this new Scepter. I believe that nearly everyone has encountered Atty at one point or another or at minimum has heard of her shenanigans within the club. She is an awesome person and member. She’s always willing to help or not afraid to speak up about things when anything needs attention.

She’s always eager to do competitions herself or help proofread anyones fiction etc. Also regularly either participants or helps organize the House Roleplay Sessions. Always engaging with other members on telegram.

I feel honored to be her Quaestor and she has made me feel welcome and offered to assist me with any questions I may have. Thank you Atty for everything. You enjoy your Ruby Scepter, just don’t have any “accidents”. We are on 125 Days so far without one. CHEERS


Quaestor, House Galeres

Augur Junazee, 2020-08-13 03:24:26 UTC

When I look for a member who truly embodies passion for their characters and their Clan, I look no further than Atty. She is easily one of the hardest working members, not only in Arcona, but in the DJB itself. She is always ready and able to assist her fellow club members as the Praetor to the Voice, an inductee of the Arconae, and a true friend, mentor, and inspiration to us all. 

Real life has truly knocked me down of late and Atty is always there to help pick up any slack, offer encouragement, and simply make sure I, and anyone else having similar issues, am doing ok. She has been one of the strongest and most reliable members of Arcona and placed within the top 10 in the War! I am extremely proud of her and all of her hard work. I look forward to making her proud as well. 

Thank you Atty for all that you do for our Clan and this great club. You truly deserve this Ruby Scepter and I look forward to seeing you soar even higher. Congratulations!

Aiden Lee Deshra Proconsul of Arcona

Colonel Rhylance (Docrh'ylanc'ehause), 2020-08-09 22:57:50 UTC