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Seer Raistlin Sadow
Steel Cross
Requested by
Warlord Bentre Sadow
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Seer Raistlin Sadow has distinguished himself as a standout member of Clan Naga Sadow. SInce his last recognition, he has participated in fifty five competitions, eleven PvP matches, fifteen PvE matches. Along with his gaming prowess, he managed to complete six ACC matches, authored two thousand eight hundred and sixty eight words of fiction. The Seer has knocked out twenty seven courses and four degrees at the Shadow Academy. The Sadow has also garnered three Crescent with Ruby Star, three Crescent with Amethyst Star, two Crescent with Sapphire Star, one Crescent with Emerald Star, twenty two PoB’s. He has also earned one hundred and fifty four Clusters of Fire, ten Clusters of Ice, ninety nine Clusters of Earth, thirty nine Clusters of graphite and nineteen Seals of Vision. He also placed sixth in the recent GJW XIV, Destiny 2 competition. Given the Crescents, POBs, Crescent and sheer activity, I am more than proud to recommend this Steel Cross for Raistlin Sadow!

Takagari "Darkhawk" KogaRyu

Proconsul of Naga Sadow

Warlord Bentre Sadow, 2020-08-08 09:09:08 UTC