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Master V'yr Vorsa
Amethyst Kukri
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Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var
Primary reason

It is my pleasure to recognize Vyr Vorsa for his efforts he has put into the club since his last promotion.

Since his last promotion he has participated in 64 competitions, organized/co-organized 33 competitions, completed 11 PvP matches, 13 PvE activities, 8 Fiction activities, 8991 Words of Fiction, 6 run-on posts worth 4099 words, passed 4 Shadow Academy courses, 7 news posts, and 18 news posts comments. While doing so, he earned the following: 6 Gold Novas, 8 Silver Novas, 2 Bronze Novae, 2 Crescents with Diamond Star, 5 Crescents with Amethyst Star, 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star, 1 Crescent with Emerald Star, 22 Clusters of Fire, 34 Clusters of Ice, 65 Clusters of Earth, 59 Clusters of Graphite, 4 Legions of Scholar, 21 Seal of Discord, and 24 Seal of Vision.

I’d also like to spotlight his Great Jedi War and community event contributions. Since his last recognition, he has participated in two Great Jedi wars, getting full participation in both. Not only did he get full participation but he racked up 16 Novae and placed in the top 10 both times. As a matter of fact, in the most recent war he was awarded the title of “First Hero”, which is an amazing achievement. In the latest war, he did all this while helping and encouraging others to try their best in the war. In addition to the Great Jedi Wars, he also hosted 6 community events, each of which took several hours of his day. Of note, this includes getting people to come together and running group activities with them. He also participated in 7 community events as well, which helped strengthen Odan-Urr’s community.

In addition to his activity above, he has served as a Proconsul of Odan-Urr for 11 months, during which time he has worked hard to improve Odan-Urr. First, he created a whole new storyline for the Clan called Seven Pillars, which is a multi-series story broken into many episodes. These “Indiana Jones” sort of events focused on the mysteries of the Force, archaeology, adventure, and that sort of thing. He was able to complete two full events, each furthering along one continuous story. This brought some much needed variety to our clan offerings as before our main storyline was peacekeeping. As a matter of fact, the Seven Pillars events were well received and left our members wanting more of it. In order to create this, it involved the creation of new characters, competition(s) creation, teaser video, reference gathering, and three event fictions totalling 3,023 words. Of note, post-event he did some wonderful archival work for Seven Pillars, saving the efforts of our members for potential future use and enabling someone else to easily pick up where he started.

Second, he created a COU Story Group, which has been a wonderful way to encourage critical thinking and collaboration on clan storylines as well as how DC fictions might fit in. He led the group in discussion and archived some of its outputs as well. Of note, some of the things it led to were a revamped image of the Kiast system and a major rewrite to one of our planets. The former was created by Vyr, which was a massive improvement to the versions we had before. The latter was not done personally by Vyr but he created a very important tool that led to the creation of these projects by others. Third, he created a 2020 Novice Lore Guide as a substantial update to our previous year’s update. This required updating most sections and he even added a few useful sections as well, all in all totalling 2316 words.

Fourth, he wrote up an in-depth proposal for a clan possessions upgrade. This involved being the primary author for a detailed fleet loadout complete with breakouts (with links!), reasonings, and credit totals. It also included a separate narrative of 474 words to help explain the fleet loadout. This resource has already been used as a base upon which to improve and build further. Fifth, he wrote 7 Clan related news posts (4 full news reports, 2 event reports, and 1 Councillor of Urr post). Sixth, he co-graded one of our more arduous competitions called Scimitar of Hoth for many months. It involves a lot of manual counting and I just wanted to call out how much I appreciated the help grading it. The 2 hour discord sessions were a usual occurrence for each one. Seventh, he was a great co-grader and consultant for the Clan Peacekeeping events, where a second pair of eyes is always greatly appreciated. Lastly, he worked on some wiki updates for both the Clan and club. This included 42 image uploads, 13 major updates for clan and club (Fiction Center, limbo, the Okami, Iron Forces, etc…) for 2425 words, and 74 minor updates for clan and club

During his time as Proconsul, Vyr has done a lot for Odan-Urr and thus the club. Words can only say so much so I am proud to recommend that he be awarded an Amethyst Kukri for the exceptional value he has provided Odan-Urr and for the dedication and time he has put into the Clan. My friend, thank you so much for all you have done. I’ll always appreciate it.

Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var, 2020-12-18 06:45:48 UTC
Additional reasons

V'yr, your continued contributions to both Odan-Urr and the Club are what make you a highly valuable member of this community. The fiction group has allowed us to create coherent lore arcs by being able to verify details from past events we can use in future stories. The fleet overhaul was a massive undertaking and the way you organized every detail with links and explanations allowed for a clear and accurate depiction of the proposed fleet. The Seven Pillars was very successful as it provided something new and fresh for us all to dive into. All of this and what was already stated above takes large amounts of time and dedication. Thank you friend and congratulations!

Seer Revak Kur, 2020-12-17 20:07:08 UTC