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Battlelord Alaisy Tir’eivra
Old Rank
Battlemaster (Equite 2)
New Rank
Battlelord (Equite 3)
Requested by
Augur Tali Sroka
Primary reason

When someone talks about the distinction between active members and members who are Active, my mind immediately goes to Alaisy. There is just something awe inspiring, and a little scary, about the way she just gets stuff done, despite her own complaints to the opposite.

Since her elevation to EQ2 about a year ago, she’s participated in 182 (!) competitions, for which she’s earned four Diamond Crescents, 12 Rubies, 16 Amethysts, 13 Sapphires, seven Emeralds and five Topaz. Speaking of Sapphires, she’s made a fine addition to her collection by a shiny new Sapphire Blade, for her outstanding performance in defending Arx. As further testament to her performance there, she brought home all the 30 Seals of Visions, as well as a pair of Gold and triplets of Bronze Novae.

Now, most members have a ‘niche’ which they excel at, but looking at Alaisy’s Cluster haul, it’s difficult if not impossible to say what that niche is supposed to be. With 134 Clusters of Fire, 81 of Ice, 8 of Earth, and 91 of Graphite, in addition to another 18 Pendants of Blood. Not content with this, she's given her all in the almost-over SARLACC tournament, during which she's already finished a trio of graded matches! Is she a gamer? Is she an artist? Is she a writer? My answer: yes.

With all this effort spent on doing comps, working as a freshly Kukri’d Praetor to the Herald (7 months and counting), and taking names and kicking butt, one would be forgiven to think Alaisy can only spare the time to do things whilst being a social recluse. Nothing could be further from the truth! She is a delightful, daily presence in Clan and House chats, helping newbies and tormenting the longbeards, partaking in our TG RPs and offering advice in all things artistic without even charging a consulting fee! I know it is an unusual metric for sure, but the fact she’s made 64 news post comments since her promotion should give some inkling of what an active and dedicated member Alaisy truly is.

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this promotion than Alaisy. She’s dominated our House activity leaderboard for months on end, and her tireless work to brighten up this dark brotherhood with shiny chrome and polished latex is something to be admired. As Quaestor, it is my honor and privilege to recommend Alaisy Tir’eivra be promoted to the rank of Battlelord (erm, lady).

Tali Sroka
Quaestor, House Qel-Droma

Augur Tali Sroka, 2021-03-07 21:58:24 UTC
Additional reasons

Alaisy has been a critical contributor to the Herald's office since she assumed the role of Magistrate last August. She has worked tirelessly to bring high quality work to the members of the Brotherhood, taking on the most demanding requests we fill in the form of custom member robes. Beyond that, she has also been an invaluable asset on the administrative side of the office in reviewing the more day to day tasks that come our way in the form of competition approvals and avatar submissions, turning around requests in a timely manner while in turn also working with members on remands and the infrequent denials in a positive way that does not create negative member experiences with those interactions. She has been everything one could ask for as a Praetor and more, and it is my great honor to contribute to the request for her promotion to Equite 3. Well done!

Selika Roh
Herald of the Brotherhood

Master Selika Roh di Plagia, 2021-03-06 17:16:07 UTC

Alaisy Tir’eivra is undoubtedly one of the most active members in our House and Clan. And that activity comes from a pure dedication she displays towards Arcona. She has high numbers of Crescents, Clusters and Competitions participated every month! On top of that, Alaisy is also a Praetor, and an amazing one at that.

Her daily presence on every chat, always engaging in different conversations with everyone, always there to help others when they need, be it a fiction proof, artistic commentary or just to talk, is part of what makes Alaisy an awesome member of this community and one who embodies true camaraderie towards her peers.

I am immensely thankful for having known Alaisy from the day I joined, and she is also a big part of what made me stay in the DJB when I started out. Couldn't be more proud of being your student Mistress!

And now I am proud to back up this recommendation for a promotion to Equite III. Congratulations Mistress! All the way to Elder!

Aru Law

Aedile, House Qel-Droma

Savant Aru Law, 2021-03-05 06:40:33 UTC

Alaisy Tir’eivra embodies the model of modern Equite through both her activity as a member of Clan Arcona, and her work as a Praetor to the Herald. Over the last twelve months since her last promotion, Alaisy has spent the six filling the role of P:Herald while maintaining a day-to-day presence as a leader. As a member, she continues to lead by example and participates in everything from Clan-level competitions, to Great Jedi Wars, and pushes others to rise to the bar she sets. For these efforts, Alaisy had earned both a Sapphire Blade as well as a Amethyst Kukri for going above and beyond in both facets of the club.

Beyond the base metrics alone, Alaisy is a daily participant in the Fiction and Graphics societies- engaging earnestly with members and leadership a like by not just answering the daily character questions, but following up with others who answer to help validate their talking points. She is always willing to give advice on artwork or graphics, and also takes the time to take part in the Telegram Roleplaying events we run to help with member engagement. Her willingness to do all the things and let her stellar activity lead by itself, in a way, encourages others around her to try their best as well.

Combined with her work as Praetor to Herald, I again say that Alaisy represents everything we look for, as an organization, when talking about our upper-Equites. For that reason, I’m honored to congratulate her on this well-earned promotion to Battlelord.

I am proud to be her Battleteam Leader, and even luckier to be her friend.


Battleteam Leader: Voidbreaker

Master Marick Tyris Arconae, 2021-03-05 06:39:56 UTC