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Battlemaster Valerian di Plagia Orzon
Grand Cross
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Moff Zanet Xox
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Orzon has been an amazing Clan Envoy since given the job, so good that it's nearly impossible to list all the feats that he has achieved. Besides keeping up with Master/Student pairs in each house, he's been constantly working to improve the clan website by updating the trials, master guidelines, and who knows what else. He gets things done fast, efficiently, and well. He's also managed to stay active in House Exar Kun by participating in every round of Trivia '06. For his superb dedication to the clan and house, I feel he all but deserves this long awaited award ~ Proconsul Aabs<br> <br> **<br> <br> It is with much pride that I recommend my old friend and fellow clansmen for this coveted award. For months Orzon has lead the way within Clan Plagueis to overhaul and greatly improve the Envoy system. Through his efforts Clan Plagueis now holds the highest efficiently ratio for promotions and retention of members from Apprentice to Protector. But he also has greatly contributed to further enhancing the Plagueis Master/Student program, where he ensures that no member holding the rank of Protector through Jedi Hunter is left without a Master, or at least ensured proper guidance should they choose not to be paired with a Master. His hard work and efforts in managing this vital program has enabled Clan Plagueis to turn out many new leaders and Dark Knights than ever before. In addition to these glorious accomplishments, Orzon has also helped routinely updated and revise the Clan's various manuals and guides so that all of these vital learning materials are up-to-date with current events and changes as they occur. In addition to these major tasks and projects, KP Valerian Orzon has also provided personal assistance to the members of the various Summits within Clan Plagueis, and is always available on IRC and by email to all members who may have need of his assistance. And even with this load of time consuming work on his hands, he still manages to find the time to complete many personal tasks and activities. Orzon is one of a kind, and in short, a member such as this deserves nothing less than to be awarded the Grand Cross of the Dark Side! Congrats my old friend, you earned this without question!!! ~Sith Battlelord Salth Khan, Nightmaster of Clan Plagueis<br> <br> **<br> <br> Orz is that quite crazy son of the gun who does it all and no one knows it til it hits you in the face. He is on his job as a Clan envoy hitting up all his house envoys, keeping MSP pairings updated, contacting Masters on updates for their students, and a all around great guy who keeps on trucking through all the rough spots, if he doesnt deserve this i dont know what your thinking :P <br> <br> QUA/HSK OP Silent

Moff Zanet Xox, 2006-08-30 22:00:00 UTC