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Vynn Salm
Ruby Scepter
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General Zxyl Bes'uliik
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Holy smokes. Korvis. Where to start? Since his promotion only six months ago, this guy (who needs a last name, damn it) has been a force to be reckoned with. He has single handedly re-written and brought up to par two major Regent policies (the Item Aspect Approval Guidelines and Item Prototype Approval Policy) that were woefully out of date with little to no guidance using the knowledge he's acquired in the relatively short span he's been on the staff. Both were on point and exactly what I was looking for. He conducted peer and quality control reviews on our last booster release (over 20 total items when including the clan stuff). He's been an instrumental part of our Capital Ship Upgrades project sitting in Bubba and Evant's inbox (over 100 new items), conducting a peer and quality control review in addition to assisting on what is arguably the most important part of this project given we needed the perfect balance - item pricing.

Korvis also undertook two major reviews by himself, researching canon lightsaber resistant materials and providing an assessment on each for inclusion into our system - and then scouring several stores looking for current and possible lightsaber resistant items to which we could make that instrumental change to, then providing recommendations for each and taking part in our staff discussions on the subject. His research was extremely thorough, valuable, and best of all objective. He's contributed to our newest booster release, which is 95% completed and almost ready for the Overlords.

Korvis, in his full review for additional Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian content - in which he's proposed over a dozen new items for addition that he's working on - has rewatched those series four times, taking notes with a notepad. That is some ridiculous dedication, even for me. In my last recommendation for him I stated his Equite 4 promotion wouldn't stop his roll, and I was right. The man continues to impress at every level, and I have no doubt in my mind that with the included recommendations below, Korvis has more than earned this reward. We couldn't ask for a better member.

P.S. pick a last name, Korvis.

General Zxyl Bes'uliik, 2023-01-07 01:53:42 UTC
Additional reasons

Since his promotion in August, Korvis has kept his foot on the gas pedal. He has organized or co-organized over 30competitions, participated in 31, and written roughly 4,000 words of fiction. During that time, Vizsla's membership has grown and its activity as measured by competition participation has been very strong compared to the rest of the club. He has also done a great job picking and motivating his summit and rewarding his members. Keep up the great work, Korvis!

Lord Dacien Victae, 2023-01-05 14:24:31 UTC

Korvis has been an incredible leader of Clan Vizsla, keeping the community involved and updated and helping provide opportunities for fun. The DJB is lucky to have leaders like him willing to devote so much of their time creating these opportunities and just engaging with everyone. Congratulations on your award and thanks for everything you do as a Consul.

Lord Evio Nezsa, 2023-01-07 00:34:19 UTC