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Adept E. Tarkin
Grand Cross
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As recommended by KE Khobai: 1) Tarkin has forefronted the upcoming clan feud for Clan Arcona. He has taken initiative in contacting the other clan summits and communicating with them. He has also been instrumental in setting up the specific details of the feud.

2) Over the past 6 months, Tarkin has made it his personal charge to improve Clan Arcona. He has performed his job well, serving as both the level-headed and rational element of the Arcona Clan Summit. Tarkin has talked sense into me on more than one occasion. It has been a pleasure working with him, and I feel he is more-than-deserving of this award.

  • DJM Mairin Astoris

, 2002-07-05 22:00:00 UTC