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Battlemaster Valerian di Plagia Orzon
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Moff Zanet Xox
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Orzon, or the OrZ as some call him, is one of the most amazing members I have ever seen, not to mention one of the most amazing members in Clan Plagueis in all my time here, which would be my whole DB career. To sum up the projects that he has worked on, while this is not easy, I would have to say that he completed updated the House Exar Kun history, writing around three pages of new information that can now be found on the HEK Wiki page. He also worked on the Antei System description when it was in the hands of a group of writers from Clan Plagueis and wrote the info for Celebrax and the introduction for the Antares System. While he was still Clan Envoy, he rewrote the Welcome Letters for new members to match the new promotion system, which he worked with me rewriting and completing, doing the Knight Trials completely himself. He modified Battle Team Exar's Shadow's history to make it read better, and it worked, and he put together the Jusadih System Wiki page. While on the Wiki, he also completed the Clan Plagueis Prospectus page, and did it very well. He wrote the outlines that were used for History of the Sith Empire II and III Shadow Academy courses, and worked with me to write the courses, and will soon become the EP of the III course, which he wrote the exam for. Aside from all of this, he has also written a six-page story in three parts for the Plagueis Chronicle, participated in twelve competitions, and was awarded the clan name of di Plagia.<br> <br> He has also worked in leadership as Quaestor, Clan Envoy, and now Proconsul, where he and I have big plans for Clan Plagueis over the next six months. He has also worked with Macron on the DSC Staff, and, from what he is told me, worked to compress Tarentum and CSP histories, has begun the Krath Order entry, along with various other activities. I'm sure he's done much more in between the time I compiled this information from his activity log, as is proven by Macron's thanks to him in his news posts.<br> <br> All in all, OrZ is amazing, and I am proud to award him this medal. It is the least I could do for all the work you have done for us. Especially when I refuse to give you anything else until we finish the Clan Epic! :P<br> <br> Clan Plagueis Consul Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar al'Tor<br> <br> ~~~~~<br> <br> What can I say about Orzon? He has performed his job with panache. A huge portion of the projects we have released is his work, icluding the large Saga of the Clans just released. This involves many hours of editing, and dealing with myself and the Dark Summit (not an easy task!). He takes initiative, helps the Tribune stay on task, and has great ideas. His work ethic is great. In short, his job performace as Tribune staff should be rewarded ~ DSC Tribune Macron

Moff Zanet Xox, 2006-12-11 23:00:00 UTC