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Warlord Thran Occasus-Palpatine
Grand Cross
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Adept Braecen Kaeth
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Medal Request: Grand Cross Thran Occasus (5101)

I have the honor of awarding Thran his second Grand Cross - And I will explain how this member, over the course of his tenure has helped Scholae Palatinae grow.

Clan Scholae Palatinae recently attained the honor of Second Clan in the Brotherhood Vendetta "Rites of Supremacy: Second Darkness" compiling 330 Clan points - outstripping four rival Clans to affirm their right as an Elite Clan. For contributions, participation and tenacity to ensure the Clan's wartime efforts... I recognize Thran's effort. Compiling 64 individual points in the Debate, Battle Plan, Fiction & ACC Events and taking the rank of 104th Overall in the Vendetta. Additionally, Thran served as our Debate Team Captain & was the catalyst behind our Clan Battle Plans (leading us to 3rd Overall).

Thran has proven - despite his own beliefs on the subject - to be a capable leader with the right mixture of personality, vision and tenacity to effectively run a House. Since his ascension to Quaestor of House Caliburnus I have been able, as a Consul, to wash my hands of the day-to-day operations and projects of Thran's House. As a Quaestor he reports in a unique fashion, delivering imperative messages and updates to his charges... he works tirelessly with his Aedile - grooming her for her eventual role as Quaestor - and is doing a fantastic job of teaching lessons that have no curriculum... Thran also maintains the vision to ceaselessly develop his House - fundamentally & fictionally - including the Menagerie Project (Clan Animal database - roughly 30+ pages), both HAD & HC Member of the Month Programs (Order of the Serpent/Dragon), the Clan quarterly member program (Dark Paladin), the HQs of Caliburnus (website, graphics, detailed explanations) and his newest development of a continual nemesis of his House (a launching pad for fictional development, competitions and House identity).

I would be remiss to not acknowledge Thran's contribution to Clan Scholae Palatinae. In short, he has been a large catalyst in aiding me as we work towards building a stronger Clan. There is a great deal of intangible things Thran does... and I will do my best to put them in words. Mentor. Thran acts a guide and teacher not only to Rasilvenaira, but every member in his House. He teaches them the value of right action, manners, discretion, patience and loyalty. Leader. Thran can deliver passionate words to stir every member's heart from Apprentice to Master - though most of that dialogue is hidden in leadership meetings that cover the future of a Clan. Friend. Through his steadfast devotion to build a stronger house (and thus a stronger Clan) I know that I can trust Thran to do what is right. It creates a great deal of relief to know that I do not have to micro-manage House Caliburnus, but that I will receive updates and ideas before they go into effect... and Thran allows me to mettle with those ideas before I approve them, allowing for the continuity of the Clan to remain streamlined.

For all that he publicly, and privately, handles as a leader of Scholae Palatinae it is my honor to award this medal as testament to his tenacity and skill.

Braecen Kaeth Kunar Consul of Scholae Palatinae

Adept Braecen Kaeth, 2007-04-16 22:00:00 UTC