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Sithspawn Taldrya
Anteian Cross
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Hel-Pa Taldrya Sklib
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Ziggy has truly been one of Taldryan's top competitors in the Rite of Supremacy and has demonstrated the initiative to go beyond the call of of his Clan. He competed honorably in the gaming and fiction events, placing 31st in fiction, 37th in JO, 47th in JA, 14th in EaW, 10th in Misc, 17th in team, and 42nd overall. His continued and consistent gaming was a valuable asset to the Clan, especially in the Misc and EaW categories. His fictions were hilarious and flat-out hysterical, and he earned a good score through pure humor. Ziggy is constantly active on IRC and email, and is a positive force within Taldryan. His generally humorous personality often masks his fierce loyalty to put the Clan before himself. Let this Anteian Cross remind you of your service and dedication to the First Clan of the Brotherhood, and may there be more to come! Congratulations Sithspawn, you've earned this one.

+QUA Hel-Pa Sklib+

I've known Ziggy for a while now and I'm proud to recommend an Anteian Cross for his great efforts in the Rite of Supremacy. He participated in a variety of different platforms for the RoS (as Hel-Pa has displayed above) and was very active on IRC and e-mail. He is one of the guys that makes House Dinaari (and Taldryan itself) such a unique and great place to be in. He is certainly deserving of this award. Congrats! ~ AED Vladet Xavier

Hel-Pa Taldrya Sklib, 2007-04-23 22:00:00 UTC