Event Details

Event ID
Warrior Kieran Kodiak
Dark Cross
Operation: Eclipse
Requested by
Master Mejas Doto
Primary reason

Finding BTLs can be very problematic at times, and some leaders can go through several sets very quickly. When you find a leader who works as hard as Kieran does, you take notice and you work hard to keep them, and his recent activity in the Feud shows once more why I love working with Kieran. He has not had an easy time as of late, but he has still found time to participate in the recent Feud, even grabbing a second place for himself in the process. Soulfire, his team, was once more the strongest in the Clan and this is in no small part thanks to the superb leadership which Kieran provides day in and day out. He is a fun guy to be around, he works harder than anyone can ask him to and he deserves this award for his service to Galeres in the recent Feud. Thanks Kieran, keep up the excellent work! INFO: Total Feud Points – 14 Events participated in – 3 (Week 1 Fiction, Week 1 GFX, Week 4 GFX, Run-on) ~ SBM Zandro Erinos

Committed, loyal and relentless in his drive to lead Soul Fire to the bets they can be. His activity in the Feud is a further reflection of his commitment to the Clan and our activities. Well done Kieran! ~DJM Mejas Doto

Master Mejas Doto, 2008-03-21 04:51:40 UTC