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Grand Master Jac Cotelin
Steel Cross
Requested by
Grand Master Declan Roark
Primary reason

It is hard for me to quantify the work that Grand Master Cotelin has put into the Dark Brotherhood over the past six months. Despite his hectic work life and his insane schedule, Jim still continues to put forth more effort and more "actual" work than the majority of the Dark Council combined.

As the soul major projects coder for the Dark Brotherhood, Grand Master Cotelin has supplied our entire organization with two incredible updates.

The first is the new website design and the second is the upcoming release of the new character sheets. With these two projects GM Cotelin has taken the Dark Brotherhood from a club utilizing techniques from the 90s to a club of the modern era.

I cannot award GM Cotelin another rank or another Golden Lightsaber, but I can award him a Steel Cross, or in this case, many Steel Crosses.

I have broken the award down by hours of coding work, and to be honest, saying each of these SCs is worth 20 hours of coding work is probably an understatement.

Congratulations GM Cotelin on your Steel Cross w/ Cluster of Transcendence.

Grand Master Declan Roark, 2008-04-15 11:12:20 UTC