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Battlemaster NexusMage Taldrya
Steel Cross
Requested by
Augur Shanree Argentin
Primary reason

Nexusmage is one of my House’s strongest Gamers. We only see him once in several millennia, but when he appears, magic happens. The past eight weeks happened to be one of these rare occasions and true to form, we saw the best of him. Nexus managed to participate in sixteen events, placing in several. His true contribution to the Taldryan war effort however was in his work in the gaming ladders.

Singlehandedly, Nexusmage appeared, bent the ladders over a borrowed table, and thrust. He accumulated enough points that his scores account for a large percent of the Clan’s overall standing.

For his incredible work in Gaming and overall activity over the last eight weeks, it is my distinct pleasure to recommend that this Steel Cross be awarded to Nexusmage. Congratulations and thank you so much Nex!

~QUA Vodo Biask

Over the course of the Great Jedi War 9: Unification I saw Nexus stampede through the various events of this Vendetta through gaming, fiction and graphics; The Brotherhoods largest platforms, with complete ease. His efforts not going unnoticed by his leaders, he broke through gaming like wild fire, constantly coming onto IRC and challenging every gamer made up of both willing and unwilling combatants, always pursuing a higher challenge to conquer for the sake of his clan. Participating in more than half of the Ninth GJW, Nexus has displayed his love for the Clan and love for competition. For your great service in aiding Clan Taldryan take 2nd in the GJW, I am proud to award you with a well deserved Steel Cross. Thanks again for your great help,

-OT Shaz’air “Sidarace” Rathden Aedile, House Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan

Augur Shanree Argentin, 2009-05-12 14:04:27 UTC