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Rian Taldrya
Grand Cross
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1497 XP
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Darth Aeternus
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Rian Aslar. By far one of the most active members Taldryan has to offer, he makes me happy to be a leader of Taldryan. Having served as Battle Team Leader under me once before, I know what kind of a drive he brings to the table; and it's an amazing one, at that. Rian participated in several events during the vendetta, bringing his Order that much closer to victory. He placed in a single event, earning himself a Silver Novae. Always out and about, it's rare that you will not be able to reach Rian via IRC or email. Even before Disorder took place, he recieved both a Ruby Crescent as well as an Emerald Crescent for placing in the 'Load the Can(n)ons!' events run by The Voice of the Brotherhood, Halcyon Taldrya. In my time as his Aedile (two seperate occasions actually), I've come to consider him a friend to me. Already, he is shaping up to be one of the finest leaders Taldryan has produced, and that will only grow in time as he reaches new heights. I believe it is rare for a Battle Team Leader to show the promise this Knight has. Keep up the great work Rian, both as a participant and a leader. You're a hell of an example.<br> Anubis Annedu, Aedile of House Taldryan, Tribune<br>

Now this guy here is where the real money is. Rian participated over the course of September in 2 Fiction competitions, Load the Cannons and Load the Cannons #2, each of which he placed in earning an Emerald Crescent and a Ruby Crescent for his outstanding work. Shortly afterward he came into the Vendetta Disorder swinging for a knockout. Participating in 7 total events Rian secured his spot as one of the most active members within Taldryan, placing 3rd place in one of those events to give himself a Silver Nova. <br> As if activity were not enough for Rian, he also performed his duties as Battleteam leader. Running competitions and emailing his members are mere second nature to him, and is something that every leader should be accustomed too, something that Rian capitalizes on without effort. Every member has rough spots when it comes to balancing real life efforts and the Brotherhood, most of which are the leaders. This member balances a hectic work schedule to come home and lead his Battleteam as if he had all of the time in the world; I feat only a true leader manages. <br> His ideas of leading by example on the battlefront are more than stellar, and I hope this award will help show the members in his BT exactly what a true leader should be like. I have remained stunned at just how productive Rian has remained, and I will not be surprised if he moves onto the Dark Council in the next few years. Rian, take this Grand Cross of the Dark Side from your Brothers and Sisters in Taldryan with open arms, you’ve earned it. <br> -Quaestor Shaz’air Taldrya

Darth Aeternus, 2010-11-07 14:17:25 UTC