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Warlord Thran Occasus-Palpatine
Grand Cross
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Master Darth Aeternus
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Dark Masters, I Would like to submit a Grand Cross for Thran Occasus. Not only did Thran excel in the Vendetta (9th hero) but he's taken on the role of Mentor as well. Fondly now referred to as Papa Scholae, he's the goto guy for information regarding Scholae history as well as images needed for such. Thran has also taken me on as his little sister, 'learnin' me to do the DB. He's been active in teaching people how to write for the ACC as well as held a class on writing sonnets. Thran is an example for all to follow. His heart is for Scholae, and as a Son of Palpatine he's not afraid of passing along his gathered knowledge. For his high level (and excellent performance) in the vendetta as well as the mentoring and guidance he offers to all members of Scholae, I'd like to recommend Thran Occasus for a Grand Cross. Akatsuki Tamalar Rollmaster of Scholae and unofficial little sister to Thran Thran truly showed his prowess in Horizons by grabbing 9th overall, and a variety of Novae for himself and his teams. He was a driving force through this event, and claimed 94 points (1st overall in the House) through participating in 16 events. He amassed many novae of all varieties, and greatly contributed to Scholae Palatinae's overall participation points/score. Thran, or otherwise known as Papa Scholae, showed his love and devotion for Scholae through his efforts in Horizons, and continue to be a prominent figure in the Brotherhood as a whole. As a Son of Palpatine, Thran takes that role seriously. He is a go-to guy for any and all advice and information, and is more than willing to do whatever it takes to see Scholae prosper. He is a prominent example for many to aspire to, and continues to inspire those to do the absolute best they can do for Scholae. For these reasons, I believe Thran is very much deserving of a Grand Cross.

For the Empire! Xan Phraz-Etar Aedile of Scholae Palatinae

Thran is one of the heavy hitters that I know I can rely on to do Scholae Palatinae proud. Over the course of Horizons, Thran stepped up to the plate and hit hard. He showed why he has had such a successful career here in the brotherhood. He participated in 16 events with a HSP Highscore of 94. Not only was he the highest scorer in Horizons for HSP, but he managed to snag a 9th over all in the entire vendetta.

To achieve this he repeatedly put in the time and effort needed to give fantastic submissions. Doing so netted him a number of placements in events throughout the vendetta. These included placing 3rd in the Week 3 poetry, 2nd in the Week 3 Horror Fiction, Was the principle force in his groups 1st place Battleplan submission, 4th in the Week 2 ID Scan, 4th in the Week 1 Serious Fiction, 1st in the Week 1 Comedy Fiction and 4th in the Week 1 ID Scan.

But he wasn’t just giving fantastic submissions to events. Throughout Horizons he was present to urge members on, and give much needed support as some questioned their abilities. He knows how to give the reassurance that some members need that they are capable of great things. I am very grateful to have him around as one of the established members of the house.

As the most successful Scholae Palatinae member in this Horizons vendetta, he has more than earned a Grand Cross. His amount of submissions and quality thereof show everyone how participation in vendettas should be done. Congratulations Thran! Xen’Mordin Vismorsus QUA of Scholae Palatinae

Master Darth Aeternus, 2012-11-04 21:00:49 UTC