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Knight Obscurus
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Guardian (Journeyman 2)
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Jedi Hunter (Journeyman 3)
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Knight Obscurus
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I've known Obscurus for a long time, and have known him throughout all of his various name changes. ;) Throughout that time, he has worked not only in the DB, but was also an active part of the EH Senate for some time before the split, as well. I think this recommend has to encompass everything I've seen him go through for quite some time, including a bit that's retroactive, I suppose, for his efforts in our sister house of Cestus, which he was a part of for some time before the split.

During his time in Cestus, he was a SGT of one of their brigades which was on the decline. He took six members who wouldn't even respond to emails, and at least got them communicating somewhat, even though the members themselves seemed unwilling to do much more. He was determined to do what he could to restore their activity, and never let himself falter along the way, even though it was not to be so. I think sometimes, as Summits, we have failed to recognize people for their successes, even when it is a mere spark of hope under a pile of failure. His limited success was not his fault, since no one can force another man to insert a CD in his comp, and whole-heartedly play a game. But his success was measured by the fact that he showed true leadership, and never faltered in attempting to make them better than what they were.

I realize now how much I appreciate him coming back to Gladius after the split, simply because he has been an apprentice to me, and a friend for some time, and he is one who knows the way I think, and the way I work, and can help make my efforts greater by offering suggestions and assistance in ways that I normally wouldn't be able to achieve. I think, sometimes, Summits need to take more recognition of what people have done, and continue to do, and pay less attention to what people haven't done, simply because the best way to cultivate successes and greatness is to find them where they lay, and coax them out of their shell.

I consider Obscurus worthy of a tangible result to his efforts that had culminated some time ago, as well as for those he continues to make, and recommend him for this promotion as such.

-KE Sith Bloodfyre

Knight Obscurus, 2003-06-11 22:00:00 UTC