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Event ID
Warrior Kieran Kodiak
Old Rank
Dark Jedi Knight (Journeyman 4)
New Rank
Obelisk Templar (Equite 1)
Requested by
Master Mejas Doto
Primary reason

I wish to recommend Kieran Kodiak Erinos for promotion for the outstanding work as a leader and member of Clan Arcona. Kieran has lead Soulfire Strike Team for four months now, while holding the rank of Dark Jedi night for the past seven months. In this time Kieran has grown in experience and skill as a leader and managed to run one of the most successful Battle Teams I have ever come across. Soulfire Strike Team truly is Arcona's elite battle team - and this man helps if to hold this thoroughly deserved title. Kieran has helped support, deliver and refine many of the Project: Resurrection policies, which aimed to redefine and stabilise the Clan in times of trouble. Kieran even agreed to forfeit his own position, realising that it was for the greater good of the Clan in order for such policy to be delivered. Fortunately, there were few who matched Keiran's skills and he was soon reinstated as the elite BTL. Kieran commands respect and loylaty from his Battle Team and shows it to all others in Arcona. He is a future leader of this Clan and through the work he has done in the past months he has more than proven himself as a true general, an equite of the Brotherhood, and as such he should be promoted to Obelisk Templar.

  • DJM Mejas Doto, di Tenebrous Arconae

Kieran was given the formidable task of heading up Soulfire Strike Team – a squad that prided themselves on being Arcona’s best. He’s had no command experience prior to this, but looking at him one would have guessed him to be seasoned enough to have served a term as Consul. His maturity and frank level-headedness have been a positive stable influence to the Battleteam and he easily settled into the role as its Sergeant, and under his watch Soulfire has flourished. He has kept each of his members focused and active by getting to know them over IRC, running various competitions for them and co-ordinating their efforts in the myriad of Run Ons that have been thrown their way since his getting command. What’s more, he’s done it with style. He’s continually expanded on the SF wiki page, adding updates to their technology to help suit the DB timeline and story arc and made sure each and every member is as involved as they could be. On top of his BTL duties, he’s also been a voice of reason to much of the house and clan summit, having the courage to actually tell us if he feels we’re not doing our jobs properly or that we’re making the wrong decision on something. His candour is a refreshing change to some of the more sycophantic members of the clan. He has also been instrumental in aiding me create the Arcona fleet and furthermore has been a great help putting it up onto the wiki. I would recommend that Kieran apply for the Aedile spot in Galeres, but he’s simply too valuable as BTL of our best team – the man deserves a promotion.

  • OE Sashar Kodiak Erinos

Master Mejas Doto, 2007-12-02 13:54:40 UTC