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Event ID
Corsair Eli Denan
Old Rank
Obelisk Prelate (Equite 2)
New Rank
Obelisk Exarch (Equite 3)
Requested by
Reaver Darcy Avarik
Primary reason

Since becoming our Aedile on November 2, 2011, he has received an Anteian Cross for his previous work in GJW X and a Dark Cross for a wiki article. Since becoming our Quaestor on May 14, 2012, he has received a Dark Cross for submitting a Question to the GM. More recently, he has received a Seal of Loyalty for his efforts, but after 1 1/2 years of leading our House, I am surprised to see such a quality leader be unrewarded for his efforts and I am grateful he hasn’t faltered in his duties because of this.

Drodik is a fantastic leader. He approaches every situation with a calm and level head, and is always seeking a constructive outcome. In addition to the usual day to day trials of managing an underdog House and being an Aedile and Quaestor for the past sixteen months, he works frequently with the higher ups towards our point of view in GJW X, Horizons and the Dark Crusade, so that Dark Jedi events can be presented to us in a palatable and even enjoyable manner for the Lightsiders. He has also: spearheaded the design and conceptualization of our House fiction, including the Pillars of Menat and Bastions of Knowledge plotlines, both behind the scenes with Morotheri and in his regular reports and the occasional extra contribution (such as launching the Jedi Vocational Corps, below); provided all of the oversight, coordination and some of the material for our Order of Battle defence forces; provided us with 22 competitions for the House; tutored an apprentice, Alexander DelGotto, in to a strong Jedi Knight; and more generally, is always present to provide us with guidance and motivation and ensures that the right people are in the right places. He runs his House openly and transparently, sharing and seeking opinions from us as much as we seek from him. He is always available for a chat about the House’s direction and our roles in the Summit, whether over IRC or email, regardless of the time of day, and while he always gives the best advice he doesn’t overstep that line between dictator and navigator. He has his eye on the House’s future, a solid plan to get us there, and he puts great efforts towards the goal of one day becoming a Clan.

He has helped refine our own ideas, such as Raiju’s philosophical divide; he provides regular contact and support through countless personal emails to his members and his Summit; he constantly works with us all to develop the House as a team. He has more recently integrated other ideas into the House's future, being one of the main drivers to integrate the Dark Crusade into our fiction and purpose, and working closely with the battleteam leaders to ensure the "Strike Teams" are highly-functioning Houses within the House.

He came up with the concept and oversaw the design of the Jedi Vocational Corps (JVC) project, a Google Docs form that provides an endless supply of randomly generated competition prompts for gaming, fiction, wiki and graphics in a tiered format that awards fictional standing in the House to those who complete sufficient numbers of prompts and has made a tremendous amount of contributions and provided a lot of assistance to the behind the scenes side of this project, which requires constant maintenance to supply prompt ideas, fictional outlines, and on some of the larger prompts, full-scale briefings that stretch for a couple of pages. He regularly grades submissions and tracks participation and fictional standing in the JVC system as well. Further details on this project are available here: http://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Jedi_Vocational_Corp

He has come up with and taken charge of a 14 page proposal for the new orders of the Light Side, to be integrated in to the new DJB site. He leads discussions and feedback on this matter with Ood and his Summit, taking a keen interest in our feedback on this complex and innovative project as it continues to be molded into something we can all enjoy once the new site goes live.

He created and regularly maintains our House website at http://odanurr.wordpress.com/ and he regularly assists with Rollmaster duties, stepping in and contacting members and administrating our Googlegroup before my Aussie self wakes up. He even takes the time to participate in headline competitions, leading by example in the Dark Crusades (1 recorded event in phase 1, participation in the Khar Delba runon of phase 2) and Horizons (3 events). He has also helped organize the House Feud "New Horizons" between Odan-Urr and Tarentum in December.

I have seen a lot of Quaestors in my time, and been a few myself, and his passion for Odan-Urr is tangible, his commitment and assistance invaluable, and his dedication unwavering. He truly is a driving force in our House, and I believe it is time to recognise that. Thank you, Drodik, for your amazing work! ~Rollmaster Elleron Morakei

Through his years of hard work and dedication, High Councillor Drodik Va’lence al’Tor stands as the lifeblood of House Odan-Urr. His skills in leadership, understanding, planning and execution of his ideas make him a pure example of what any leader strives to be. He is both charismatic and benevolent, always willing to lend a hand where he is able. During the time I got to know him as both his fellow Aedile and Rollmaster, Drodik has always led by example, every event and every idea is carried out with determination to the purest quality, leaving no detail unpolished. His work on the planning, and eventual execution of implementing the Jedi Vocational Corps proves this, as does his current work with planning out the eventual light-side orders for the new site. As one who has worked with him for over a year, I can accurately say that his work in planning out his ideas on various word documents is so full of detail and specifics that it is nearly enough to fill the pages of a small novel. His dedication towards his house and its members show his selflessness in a very Jedi-like way as he strives to see others towards advancement. He is a trusted individual who I value greatly as both a friend and comrade who is always willing to place his own goals aside for the betterment of others. Having said this, I believe it is due time to grant High Councillor Drodik Va’lence al’Tor with something worthy of thanking him for his years of service during his many years as both Quaestor and Aedile. Congratulations man, you have more than earned this. ~Aedile Morotheri Mithfaron

Running a house, or better yet an Independent House for that matter, is no small feat. Yet, Drodik makes it look effortless. He’s the kind of leader who is always calm, composed, and open to the membership. He is what others should strive to be when in a position. With one hand he provides guidance, mentorship and most importantly friendship to each of us in HOU while with the other hand he is pushing the house to a better place within this whole club. Whether it is coordinating our present efforts (such as in the Dark Crusades where he spoke to the group as a whole to work out run-on teams and event hype or individually to see what each person can do and how they are managing during the event), or he is looking to the future (planning new storylines/projects/events for the house after the Dark Crusades) Drodik has a stance of a leader who is just wanting the best for those around him. Therefore, it is my opinion, that he be recognized for his past efforts over the Dark Crusades so far. Not just for the participation he contributed, or the motivation he inspired, or the communication with our members he provided; but for all of this I believe Drodik needs to be recognized. ~Battleteam Leader Raiju Kang

Reaver Darcy Avarik, 2013-03-30 17:38:27 UTC