The Severian Principate

Conquered by none.
About The Severian Principate

The Severian Principate is a rare Imperial Warlord state which not only endured but thrived following the Empire’s collapse. Originally a network of mining worlds and orbital facilities in the Kastolar Sector, it existed to fuel the Empire’s war machine. This changed with the governorship of Lucian Niatinus, a commander disillusioned with the Emperor’s self-destructive policies. Devoted to improving the lives of his citizens and secretly allying with the smugglers and pirates from the nearby Hutt Space, he sought to create an ordered state free of the tyranny which inspired the Rebellion.

The Severian Principate is currently moderately allied with the Brotherhood

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Triumvir of Steel
Colonel Valis Rendeshi
Triumvir of Words
Lieutenant Colonel Jacinta Ni’Erilia
Galactic Diplomacy
Triumvir of Oaths
General Vairya Muktiba
Social Administration