(Lancer-class Collective s20 Frigate)
Type: Space Vehicle
Category: Frigate

Capital Ship Upgrade: Empty


Owned by: The Collective

Slotted in: Battle Group Elysium

The Lancer-class Collective s20 Frigate is a 250-meter long Frigate that is designed as a modified version of the Lancer-class Frigate for anti-starfighter operations. Hyperdrive capable, this vessel has average maneuverability, speed, armor, and shielding. Designed by the Collective as an anti-starfighter defense ship, they are expensive to produce and are found protecting important elements of the fleet.

28 quad laser turrets

200 crew for full effectiveness
40 troops/passengers
100 metric tons of cargo
40 passengers

Capital Ship Upgrade (0/6)

This slot is empty