Amethyst Kukri events for Augur Locke Sonjie

Amethyst Kukri events
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Amethyst Kukri
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Grand Master Darth Pravus
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Locke has been a consistent and strong leader for Naga Sadow over the last year. As Consul, he has guided his Clan through a Feud and major internal projects, all while a constant presence in regular Dark Summit and Council communications. While Sang delves into the specifics of his work running the Clan, we can see from the unit reports themselves how his efforts bear out. Naga Sadow has performed admirably this year so far, with 38 unique members participating in both of the last two quarters, good for greater than fifty percent unit activity in each quarter and placing them tied for second this quarter in most active number of members. Notably, the unit boasted the second most Knights of any unit this year at 7. Locke’s tenure has been characterized by a return to stability that has seen Naga Sadow grow as a unit and develop under his guidance.

Since his last promotion, Locke has organized 16 competitions and co-organized another 19; many of those 19 were actually Feud competitions, where Locke was intimately involved in every stage of planning and execution of the Feud, including grading half of the competitions on Naga Sadow’s side. While his unit may not have won, they put in a great effort and took the Feud down to the wire. He has participated in more than fifty competitions, earning more than twenty crescents. He’s active in virtually all aspects of our organization, with more than 200 gaming clusters since his last promotion and more than fifty fiction clusters. He’s completed ACC matches, and earned a degree. In short, Locke does a little bit of everything, and does it well.

More than that, though, Locke is a leader growing himself. Locke takes advice well, seeks it often, and his unit is all the better for it. After an early couple of Unit Reports suggested that Naga Sadow was behind in Cluster of Ices, we had a brief discussion with Locke about ways to improve those numbers and to make sure that his prolific fiction writers were being properly benefited. Naga Sadow’s Clusters of Ice climbed immediately in every unit report; in the most recent report, they actually had the most of any unit. It is desire to improve and ability to implement suggestions so that he can help his unit grow that demonstrate Locke’s commitment to his unit.

Locke’s leadership of Naga Sadow over the last year is more than deserving of this Amethyst Kukri. Congratulations, Locke!

Grand Master Darth Pravus and Deputy Grand Master Telaris “Mav” Cantor

Sang’s Recc: Locke has served as Consul of Naga Sadow for the past 11 months. During this time, he has mentored two members to serve Naga Sadow as Proconsuls and four members serving as Quaestors. Locke has worked with them to show how leaders are supposed to act, behave and provide for the members.

He has run several internal projects and events as well as the recent Vendetta with Scholae Palatinae. Under Locke's leadership, the Warhost has grown and expanded and we now have an up-to-date military that allows the members to participate and own. It's a marked change from the previous Dlarit Corporation and has made Naga Sadow more of a military Clan than a business Clan.

Naga Sadow's wiki has been woefully neglected in recent years. In a push to update the wiki, we've seen members contribute and seen CNS' timeline match up with the current DB timeline after we underwent the timeline changes. Locke has also pushed to improve Naga Sadow's gaming presence. When he first came into the position of Consul, Naga Sadow had faded as a gaming powerhouse. With the combination of his drive and others members getting out there and gaming, we've seen a massive increase in Clusters of Fire & Earth being awarded to Naga Sadow.

During the past 11 months, Locke has organised a long running campaign/event that saw a new enemy in the form of The Dominion. This led to several events such as Ashes Fall, Operation: Cobalt and Operation:Firestorm. These saw a large number of Sadowans participate and also gave the summit feedback on what the clan enjoyed and how we could improve their experiences.

These were also followed by the recent Vendetta with Scholae Palatinae entitled Shattered Ties. This was sadly a loss for Naga Sadow, but saw 25 members participate and produce a total of 198 entries for Naga Sadow. Locke was the main figure from Naga Sadow pushing the vendetta and working with our counterparts in CSP.

Finally, I can talk about how Locke has trained me as Proconsul and taken ideas from me to utilise in training and supporting our House Summits. Since becoming Proconsul 4 months ago, Locke has explained every situation and decision taken and why it was done. He's included me in every issue and sought my opinion at every step. He's encouraged me to bring in new SMART targets for our leaders, who will lead and own their development. He's also instituted weekly meetings with our House summits over G+ hangouts where we can have a face to face discussion on projects, tasks and members. This has enabled the summit to improve efficiency and has also given us the chance to answer questions without having to type huge amounts of text on Telegram.

Locke has trained me well, I've yet to have a major muck up as Proconsul, whereas I'm always messing up at work. If I do something wrong, Locke doesn't castigate me. He explains why it was wrong and how I can improve. He doesn't judge and he doesn't hold grudges. Without him, Naga Sadow would certainly not be the place it is. I'd be leading it instead and we don't want that. I'd turn it into COU 2.0.

His hard work over the past 11 months, leading the clan, encouraging members, always open to have an ACC match, proof fictions, answer character development questions, explain why members can't have their own ISD mk.II, keep me on a tight lease and keeping Naga Sadow running means that Locke more than deserves this Amethyst Kukri.

Congratulations on your AK, Locke. Now you can tuck it between your legs and pretend that everything is bigger in Texas.

Proconsul of Naga Sadow

Grand Master Darth Pravus, 2016-09-17 14:10:44 UTC