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Grand Cross
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Augur Locke Sonjie
Primary reason

Since Maelous' last award in May of 2014, he has served as Aedile for nearly nine months and consistently been one of the most active and dedicated members of Naga Sadow. The supporting recommendations below highlight his consistent participation in the Dark Crusade, Fading Lights, and the Great Jedi War. They talk about how great a teammate and a supportive ally he is in team events. I can offer a unique perspective, having served the Clan as his Aedile counterpart in Shar Dakhan for much of this time.

As Aedile, Maelous demonstrated what it means to lead from the front lines, again and again. He was highly involved in every Clan Runon during this time, including the "Reclaiming our System", "Invasion", "Project DIE", and "Vengeance" arcs. Though his own posts only totaled seven, for 2470 words, each one sought to involve other members of the Clan, whether old or new. This greatly helped with getting everyone involved in our Runons, and also helped the newer Journeymen work together with our older members. Outside of his actual posts, Maelous was supportive of newer members getting involved, and helped his fellow writers plan their posts and direct the Runon. In this way, Maelous demonstrated great qualities of a leader by not only writing his own posts, but striving to involve others in them and encouraging them to post as well. It was during this time that we saw an increase in new posters, such as Sebz, Daedric, and Rhaegon, that was partially because of Maelous' efforts.

In addition, Maelous was a great counterpart as Aedile because it meant I had someone solid to bounce ideas off of. We communicated constantly between our two positions, sharing different ideas for our Houses and brainstorming what might work or what might not. It was conversations like this that led to us personally working together in at least two of our Runons, and also gave me a good grasp of what Marka Ragnos members might look forward to in "Vengeance," the Clan event I helped Macron run between Fading Lights and the Great Jedi War.

Finally, there are the typical requirements of a good leader, but I want to highlight Maelous's participation in one other way. In addition to his monthly reports and the four competitions he ran personally, Maelous participated in almost everything the Clan leadership threw at us during that time. In competitions outside of the vendetta events mentioned in the other recs, Maelous earned a total of nine Crescents and six Clusters of Ice, participating in everything from fiction and Runons, to the numerous smaller competitions that members provided.

Thus, for being a great counterpart for nine months, for taking the lead in our Runons, for participating in a ton of competitions, both in vendettas and out, and for being a good example of what an Aedile should be, I would like to recommend Maelous be awarded a Grand Cross of the Dark Side. Congratulations, Maelous!

Augur Locke Sonjie, 2015-03-08 16:23:23 UTC
Additional reasons

Maelous has been a great Aedile for the past seven months, he has been writing regular reports to keep his house up to date on ongoing events. Most recently he also took the initiative to start a character development run on for the Clan to allow people to develop their own characters without having to worry about Clan storylines or Vendettas, and also working hard to motivate more people to post in it. Since becoming Aedile he has also organized and run three competitions.

Furthermore he has been a good example to the members of both his house and the clan by participating in no less than eight events in Great Jedi War XI including the run on and the battleplan events. He also participated in four of the five events of round three of Fading Lights and over a dozen of other competitions since his Steel Cross back in May placing in several of them.

Adept Malik Sadow, 2015-03-08 16:18:42 UTC

Maelous has been a friend to both new and older members. Having been in a leadership position for a while now, Maelous takes every opportunity to guide members in a way that supports both them, and the Clan in total. Having worked with Maelous on various projects and run ons, I've witnessed his enthusiasm to get everyone motivated on the team. From reminders to take part, to plots to make sure no one is left out. Big on character development, he is always making sure he finds a way to spread Clan loyalty and fun to. He has participated in all the major events, trying to set a good example. In doing so he has received 13 seals of crusader, a scroll of indoctrination, and 8 seals of Revelation. I recommend Maelous for a Grand Cross for his loyalty to the Clan and Brotherhood as a whole, and his constant efforts to make sure that everyone, new and well seasoned members, have both the ability and the drive, to take part in events and to grow in their Dark Brotherhood Career.

KE Jades A Sadow

Battlelord Jades A Sadow, 2015-03-08 15:50:35 UTC