Colonel Kenath Zoron

Clan Vizsla, Loyalist, Mandalorian
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Advanced Inquisitor Comlink (Brotherhood-issued Advanced Inquisitor Comlink)
Brotherhood-issued Advanced Royal Guard Comlink
Brotherhood-issued Elite Royal Guard Praetorian Armor
Brotherhood-issued Inquisitorius Datapad
Brotherhood-issued Royal Guard Datapad
Chief Inquisitor Armor (Brotherhood-issued Chief Inquisitor Armor)
Cubed Intensity Holocron
Fellow Robes (Brotherhood-issued Fellow Robes)
Imperial Royal Guard Armor (Brotherhood-issued Royal Guard Armor)
Inquisitor Armor (Brotherhood-issued Inquisitor Armor)
Inquisitorius Scanner (Brotherhood-issued Inquisitorius Scanner)
Inquisitorius Stiletto (Brotherhood-issued Inquisitorius Stiletto)
Researcher Robes (Brotherhood-issued Researcher Robes)
Ring of Wrath
Royal Guard Force Pike
Sapphire Blade
Shadow Academy Datapad (Brotherhood-issued Shadow Academy Datapad)
Sith Scroll (Academy-issued Sith Order Scroll)
Sith Tome (Academy-issued Sith Tome)
Armory DL-44 Blaster Pistol
Armory Vibrosword
C1 Personal Comlink
ID Tag
Scoundrel Armor
Utility Belt