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[GJW XVI Phase II] Fiction - Letters From The Front
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You have been a great apprentice and I foresee you becoming so much more. I am sorry I will not be there to see you on your journey, well at least in this form anyways. I fear that if you are reading this, I have fallen on the battlefield... again. If I do not return then you can have the bar on Nar Shadda. Make sure that Malodin keeps up with his tab and please keep an eye on him for me since I will be dead. He thinks of you as a niece as I think of you as a daughter. Of all the things I have ever done, I will never regret taking you in when you tried to steal my ship on Naboo.

To be honest, Mal wanted to sell you to the Gungans as a jester and I am so glad I talked him out of it. You showed that spark of fire within you that I have watched grow into a raging inferno. When you take over the underworld on Nar Shadda, make sure that you wipe out the Blood Gang in the Duros sector. They always proved to be a very dumb bunch to deal with. Also, do not forget to feed the dogs. They love you and I feel ok knowing that you will be taking them in.

In closing, I hope that someday when you are one with the Force we shall meet again but until then, make sure to raise a glass to my memory on my birthday.


What Is Dead May Never Die
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[GJW XV Event Long] Fiction - Clan-Wide Run On Breakout
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[Part 1] Save our People!
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