Character Snapshot (Corsair Juda Graves)

Character Snapshot for Gui Sol (03/04/2020, Knight Trenkyp Zkig vs. Knight Gui Sol)

Knight Gui Sol

Journeyman, Clan Odan-Urr
Male Kiffar, Jedi, Techweaver
Height: 1.79 m / 5'10" - Weight: 68.0 kg / 150 lbs
Age: 19 years - Left Handed
Physical Description

Standing at 1.79 m which is around 5’10 Gui is your typical teenager. He is slender but toned from the training which he received from the valiant and motley Knights of Allusis.

A Kiffar, Gui Sol is a handsome lad with bronze colored skin and beautiful green eyes. His black hair is dreaded and tied into a ponytail which lays just above the small of his back.

The bridge of his nose and cheekbones are tattooed with a horizontal red bar and a golden bar beneath it. These two colors are blended perfectly as was his family.

Loadout: Knight-ician (Snapshot)
One Man's Trash (General Aspect)

Gui is the epitome of what it means to hoard and often sees the value in priceless scraps and cast away junk where others simply do not. An Ingenious Inventor, he often uses these components to bring his creative ideas into fruition. If it isn't used, well, he keeps it anyway. In truth, he hates to throw things away. This has made more than one claustrophobic individual cringe when trying to navigate the trash heaps of his dorm. To Gui, throwing something away is like tossing aside a memory.

Ones and Zeroes (General Aspect)

Gui Sol isn't just obsessed with computers - he's enthralled by them. Code and signals are a second language to him, and his programming skills rival those of the great droid manufacturers of the Galaxy. If he could only use them for something other than mischief and amusement, he'd have a real career ahead of him.

The Kid (Personality Aspect)

Even after the destruction of New Tython and being driven from the only home he had ever known, Gui never fully lost his youthful exuberance. The exhilarating tug of adrenaline he feels from being impulsive or reckless is typically what fuels him and is why he dedicates a lot of his down time to racing his Swoop, keeping his hands busy with projects, or participating in more dangerous activities. Naivety has made him seemingly fearless in the face of adversity which is one of the main traits that made the Sentinels of Urr take notice. Still a kid at heart, he can rub the more timid or cautious-minded individuals the wrong way, thus making them question his readiness despite showing his great potential.

Memory Collector (Personality Aspect)

Gui is a memory collector. In a sense it has shaped his personality in various ways, some good, some bad. Being a Kiffar, he has an innate psychometry that enables him to see the memories stored within objects. A blessing and a curse, he has been able to learn from things such as his Master's lightsaber and has been plagued by the haunting memories of the pieces of New Tython's obliterated temple within his possession. Uncontrolled, for now, his psychometry is triggered by touch which explains why he typically wears gloves until he wants to extract a memory. The artifacts within his collection all tell a tale but sometimes the best tale is left untold.

Set to Stun (Combat Aspect)

A true Jedi, Gui’s Arsenal consists of weaponry used for the sole purpose of incapacitating targets. Rarely will Gui ever equip something that can take a life. His Lightsaber being the only exception as his form is primarily defensive. He seeks to preserve life, first and foremost. Many will view Gui as weak because of this but first impressions are rarely accurate.

Restless Spirit (Combat Aspect)

Gui constantly struggles with impatience. While he understands the importance of remaining patient he has yet to master that trait. An extreme example of this is his unfinished and inoperable lightsaber. While he excels as a Jedi and even a mechanic. His need and desire, fueled by impatience has often become a source of frustration and is the reasoning behind many of his unfinished projects. When in combat, his impulsive and impatient demeanor when paired with his lack of a reliable saber can devastate any advantage he may create.

Skill Feats
Droid Whisperer Elusive Prey Jury-rig I
Force Feats
Stun I
Granted Feats
Order Feat: Jedi Kiffar: Facial Recognition Hexing I Mechu-deru I Kiffar: Psychometry
  • Basic
  • Binary
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Whiptree
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form V (Shien)