Eminent Zxyl Bes'uliik

Dark Council, Mercenary, Mandalorian
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Advanced Inquisitor Comlink (Brotherhood-issued Advanced Inquisitor Comlink)
Advanced Royal Guard Comlink (Brotherhood-issued Advanced Royal Guard Comlink)
Amethyst Kukri
Amethyst Kukri
Brotherhood-issued Envoy Charm
Brotherhood-issued Envoy Droid
Brotherhood-issued Envoy Threads
Brotherhood-issued Golden Envoy Badge
Chief Inquisitor Armor (Brotherhood-issued Chief Inquisitor Armor)
Collegium Datapad (Brotherhood-issued Collegium Datapad)
Collegium Scanner (Brotherhood-issued Collegium Scanner)
Collegium Translation Visor (Brotherhood-issued Collegium Translation Visor)
Computer Linked Gauntlets (Brotherhood-issued Computer Linked Gauntlets)
Crew of The Broken Manda'lor (Item Container)
Cubed Intensity Holocron
Dodecagon Holocron
Elite Royal Guard Praetorian Armor (Brotherhood-issued Elite Royal Guard Praetorian Armor)
Elite Syndicate Hunter Armor (Brotherhood-issued Elite Syndicate Hunter Armor)
Fellow Robes (Brotherhood-issued Fellow Robes)
Guardsman Battle Armor Mark II (Brotherhood-issued Royal Guard Armor)
Inquisitor Armor (Brotherhood-issued Inquisitor Armor)
Inquisitorius Datapad (Brotherhood-issued Inquisitorius Datapad)
Inquisitorius Scanner (Brotherhood-issued Inquisitorius Scanner)
Inquisitorius Stiletto (Brotherhood-issued Inquisitorius Stiletto)