Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

Consider this report my formal request for reports to be due on Saturday, since I'm usually too drunk to function on Friday nights, and I'm too irresponsible to do reports before then. :P

Anyway, in case any of you didn't hear the news, I'm sticking around. JH Mazrim Taim will be aiding me in the coming weeks during my semi-leave in order to keep my office running smoothly. That's all I have to say about that.

As for report filler, I'd like to turn to a notable quote from Faulkner that I'm sure you'll all enjoy:

And now, and now it won't be much longer now and then we won't have anything left: honor nor pride nor God since God quit us four years ago only He never thought it necessary to tell us; no shoes nor clothes and no need for them; not only no land to make food out of but no need for the food and when you don't have God and honor and pride, nothing matters except that there is the old mindless meat that don't even care if it was defeat or victory, that won't even die, that will be out in the woods and fields, grubbing up roots and weeds.

What did that have to do with anything? Nothing, and since I'm not going to be around as much to hear you all bitch about it, I can get away with antics like that! Ha ha ha! :P (Yes, Mage, those antics include resigning then retracting it. :P)

Anyway, when I get back in place after becoming hard core in the military, I plan on a total revamping of the award system for the Brotherhood. I've heard a great many complaints about Shadonyx "screwing up the system" (which makes me wonder why the sheep of you went along with it in the first place :P), so I suppose it's my divine duty to fix it; I intend to live up to this responsiblity.

Other than that, expect a few weeks of stable award processing, but not much else. Don't worry, you'll all learn to live without me, but I know none of you will be happy until I'm completely back in action. In close, stay warm, stay healthy, and stay with the pack, else the TIs will drill you into the ground like... well, some sort of massive drill that's drilled into the ground and doesn't like it in the slightest.


Archpriest Knight Camile

Chancellor of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

You mean blatant typos like signing "Archpriest Knight Camile" when it should read "Epis Knight Camile" ??? Congratz on that promo, man!

Um, ignore the blatant typos. I'm too tired and hungover to go back and change them. For the sticklers, consider this my Mike report. :P

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