Emissary Report


Emissary Report


It's that time again!

RL has settled down, so one must move onto what is needed to be done. GJW results could be on their way soon! Mai/Lee have DSL.. so it could be on it's way as I write.. or at least on route! It shouldn't be long now!

The clans have had a mini review and we're now looking at the houses and battleteams. Plans for the future are in development, Independent houses, Orderless houses, Societies and other ideas are floating around... If you have any... send 'em this way!

Congratualtions to Ciara Tearnan on her Diamond Sword, Pyralis on his Ruby Scepter, Alvaak on their successful name changes, Waza Sunrider on his promotion to OBL and Betja Jun for his promotion to KPN.

Last week for the Independance Games and a last General call for no bitching about Promo's/Medals! Don't do it!!

In Darkness

DA Drako

Da Emissary


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